Without moving a comma, deputies approve insufficient budget for science and culture

After the Plenary of the Chamber of Deputies approved in general the Expenditure Budget of the Federation for fiscal year 2022, the science and culture sectors did not achieve a single budget reallocation in favor.

For the 48 Culture Branch, the 15 thousand 028 million 490 thousand 017 pesos that were proposed in the project delivered by the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) were maintained, while for Science and Technology, which receives a budget through Branch 38 and Annex 12 (Science, Technology and Innovation Program) the final amount is 113 thousand 289 million 021 thousand 634 pesos, between fiscal and own resources.

If none of the reservations that are still being discussed in plenary achieves any modification, the National Council for Science and Technology will receive 29 thousand 564 million 150 thousand 670 pesos of fiscal resources, plus 4 thousand 308 million 325 thousand 571 pesos of own resources, for a total of 33 thousand 872 million 476 thousand 241 pesos.

The Culture and Cinematography Commission It did not consider “necessary any modification of the amount or text to the 2022 Federation Expenditure Budget Project (PPEF) since it argued that the document denotes“ considerable efforts and resources that the Government of the Republic allocates to address the cultural rights of the Mexicans ”.

Brazil deputy Alberto Acosta Peña, member of the Culture and Cinematography and Science, Technology and Innovation commissions, shared with El Economista how complicated and closed the discussion process has been to achieve an improvement in budgets.

“In the case of the Science and Technology Commission, in the opinions we made it clear that the budget as it came from the Executive was totally insufficient to solve the problems of the sector, we requested that the CTI funds return, I was a professor at CIDE and of the transparent management and the operating rules on which its operation is based, we also speak of more support for scholarships, which was established in the agreement ”.

In the case of culture, “they did not want to accept any modification regarding the return of trusts like the Fidecine, here the vote was divided, there was no consensus, but after a recess with two deputies that were needed, the point of view of Morena. Let’s say that in the Science Commission there was openness and in the Culture Commission there was none. In the end the Budget Committee totally ignored our points of view ”.

The next mechanism they have is reservations, but the legislator is clear. “I can tell you: The indication is that no change in the budget be approved unless they find some aspect that they (the Morenoites) need for their convenience, but for the opposition there will be no modification, they are under a centralist criterion ”.

Acosta Peña and other deputies will be going up to the rostrum in the next few hours: “The sense is very simple, we seek to increase resources in certain areas of science and culture, to return trusts, more resources for scholarship holders and programs such as the Fidecine. But they are going to discard them and leave them in terms of the ruling ”.

Rejected proposals

Despite the fact that the opinion of the Budget and Public Account Commission indicated in its theme 2 of social development that more resources were required for the Higher Education and Postgraduate Services Program (EOlO) and more resources for expansion, modernization and conservation of the physical infrastructure, of at least 1,200 million pesos annually, in addition to a support of 50 million pesos for the Program for Teacher Professional Development; and that in thematic 3 of economic development a greater allocation was proposed for the National System of Researchers, for public research centers and for postgraduate scholarships, because this indicator is at its lowest level since 2007, nothing was done .

The Science and Technology Commission stated that an increase of 5 thousand 956 million 147 thousand 280 is necessary in science, technology and innovation programs so that “our country gradually transits towards the materialization of 1% of GDP destined to scientific and technological development of the country, provided for in article 9 BIS of the Science and Technology Law ”. Even so, the Commission did not present proposals for modifications to PPEF 2022.

For its part, the Culture and Cinematography Commission stated that the PPEF 2022 denotes “considerable efforts and resources that the Government of the Republic allocates to address the cultural rights of Mexicans,” for which it expressed a favorable opinion of the PPEF 2022, as regards Relating to the expenditure allocated to Branch 48 Culture. “In this sense, said Commission does not consider any modification of the amount or text to the PPEF 2022 necessary.”

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