Without an educational model there is no change

Explainable that the regime relies on the most radical of Morena in the search for an educational model that changes consciences, since they are intellectually disciplined and obsessive enough not to lose sight of the great objective.

But the demand of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to “reform the UNAM” has ignited the spirits of the university community, and unified it, except for the obvious betrayals of those passionate about single thought.

It will require the courage of the university community to resist the relentless presidential offensive to demonstrate to Palacio his mistake in practicing the advice of Manuel Machado: “even the iron breaks by force of many blows.”

CDMX: politicking with security?

Almost unnoticed, the CDMX government announcement that Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum would install security committees, which, they said, will meet, even if the mayors do not attend.

As a remnant of the electoral defeat, they decided to centralize the powers in matters of security in the Zócalo, nothing new, since they revive the scheme of when the CDMX was the Federal District and it was governed with 16 delegates appointed by the Presidency.

It could be a mistake, because although the undeniable achievements in security will continue as a merit of Dr. Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayors will not assume the cost of eventual failures, all that cost would be borne by the Head of Government.

We forgot what normal 2019 was like

The ruling party rightly celebrates the approval without changing a comma of the Revenue Budget and the fiscal miscellany and they proclaim that what they call “recovery” will be financed.

The welcome “normality” that is coming is that of a 2019 with the economy, which had grown a meager 2.2 percent in 2018, to stagnate, if you want because of the change of government, but also because of the decisions of the Government.

The crisis caused by the pandemic in 2020 saved the afternoon for the Government. Let’s remember the “it came as a glove”, but the economy is already slowing down, with inflation that did not exist in 2019. Cloudy times.


Quiet as mummies in the ruling party about the shameless presence of organized crime gangs in electoral processes and territorial control in various regions of the Republic, because they are proof of the failure of the security policy … Odebrecht bribes revealed in the six-year terms of Fox and Calderón. It is a curious case, since the bribed is punished, but not the one who bribes … The tables of a veteran politician like Manuel Bartlett were shown when he ignited angry claims of the opposition when he told them that in the 1988 presidential election “there was an amasiat of the PAN with Salinas ”Someday the real history of that year will be written … Let’s face it, on October 24, 2022, the selection of jurors will begin for the trial to which they will submit Genaro García Luna. Who knows how to get complicated, because there is too much “classified” information … I dedicate this phrase by Albert Einstein to my agnostic friends: “Man finds God behind every door that science opens” …

Jose Fonseca

Political Journalist

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