With the arrival of new shipping companies, the recovery of Cozumel is sustained

Cancun, QR. At the end of this month, Cozumel will have received a total of 137 cruise ships, not only from the five main shipping companies that docked on the island since before the pandemic, but with new companies such as the British Virgin Voyages, a subsidiary of the Virgin Atlantic airline, with his cruise ship Scarlet Lady.

The also known Isla de las Golondrinas has been increasing the number of cruises it receives per month since June of this year, when the activity of this industry resumed, starting with four berths.

Throughout July it closed with 14 berths, while in August the island captured 24 of the so-called floating hotels.

Throughout September the island reported a total of 40 ships, and 52 berths are scheduled for October at the end of the month, with which the island maintains sustained growth in the recovery of its main economic activity, which is cruise ship tourism. .

In addition to this, 100% of the shipping companies that docked in Cozumel are already operating as of this week with the arrival of the Disney Fantasy cruise on October 11, as part of the return schedule due to the economic reopening after the pandemic .


The five shipping companies that already schedule ships regularly to Cozumel are Norwegian Cruise Line, Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean and its affiliate Celebrity, MSC, Disney Cruise Line, however, one more joined this week, which is in fact recently created. .

It is Virgin Voyages, with its cruise ship Scarlett Lady, with capacity for 2,770 passengers and 1,160 crew members, for which a pre-Hispanic cultural welcome was presented.

On the official Virgin Voyages website, different tours are offered for travelers who wish to get off the ship, from walks around the island to trips to Chichén Itzá, a flight over the archaeological remains of Cozumel, among other amenities.

Along with this cruise, the Celebrity Apex, from the Celebrity Cruises shipping company, also arrived, which suspended its trips to Cozumel since the start of the pandemic and resumed them until just this week, after a year and seven months of absence.

Despite the monthly increase in activity, two months after the end of the year, it is considered difficult to fulfill the forecast of state tourism officials who anticipated that Cozumel would close the year with around 400 cruise ships and 1 million passengers received, since until At the moment, not even half of that predicted figure has been captured.

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