With expo Fabtech 2022, Monterrey could have up to 70% hotel occupancy: OCV

Monterey, NL. With the increase in Expos, Congresses and Conventions since the capacity was opened to 100%, meeting tourism is taking off in Nuevo León, with hotel occupancy between 60 and 70%, a figure that is almost at the occupancy level pre-pandemic annual average, said David Manllo Valdez, director of the Monterrey Convention and Visitors Bureau.

He explained that hotel occupancy in 2019 was 68%, it fell to 26% in 2020 due to the start of the pandemic; in 2021 it rose to 35% and with the fabtech expo and other events could reach between 60 and 70% occupancy, the official assured.

“We want to talk about what these big events mean with tourism, because Monterrey being a city with a business vocation, which attracts national and international events, visitors become a tourist, that is the importance we have in the short term, filling rooms of hotels or restaurants and in the long term we seek to generate value (with international events) and create jobs”, the official asserted.

He recalled that after two years in which this sector was very restricted by the protocols for avoid contagion by Covid-19, in recent months there have been major congresses in Latin America. In the case of Fabtech Mexico 2022, which will take place from May 3 to 5 in Cintermex “We will have enough hotels,” he said.

Jorge Arizmendi, director of Fabtech Mexico 2022 estimated that the event will have more than 8,000 qualified visitors, which could generate a spill of 200 million dollars in the purchase of machinery and equipment, in addition to additional expenses of 50 million pesos, for paying for hotel, restaurants and tours.

This event was held every two years at Cintermex, but due to the pandemic, the last face-to-face edition was in 2019, where a spill of 200 million dollars was obtained, added Arizmendi.

This exhibition will address trends in the manufacturing industry such as reshoring (return to the country processes subcontracted in other parts of the world) and supply chains, it is estimated that 50% of reshoring projects are captured by Monterrey, said Fidel Guajardo, executive director of Fronius Mexico.

As well as challenges for the development of technology, sustainability in processes, industry 4.0 and advanced materials.


On the other hand, from May 25 to 27, Expo Constructo and Ferreshow will be held simultaneously in Cintermex, where more than 250 companies from nine states will participate, with more than 600 brands of products and services, from the construction industries, hardware stores and tlapalerías in more than 9,500 square meters.

The commercial director of Cintermex, Lisette Sierra Ramos, emphasized that the reactivation of the exhibition and convention industry is being promoted, with all the direct and indirect benefits for the regional economy, such as higher sales and jobs in service and product provider businesses.

The president of the Association of Ironmongers and Tlapaleros, Héctor Julián Benavides López, commented that 3,500 people participated in the previous edition of Ferreshow, in this Expo, a capacity of more than 6,000 visitors from Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Mexico City and Jalisco is expected. among others.

Also, in Constructo participates the National Chamber of Industry Development and Promotion of Housing and the Mexican Association of Independent Concrete Workers, with the aim of encouraging the development of companies and having access to a greater number of exhibitors.

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