With a pandemic, interest in having medical assistance rises: Allianz Partners

As a consequence of the pandemic Covid-19, the number of medical assistance grew by more than 80% in 2021 compared to the previous year; adding more than 40,000 services processed for its clients, as reported by Allianz Partners.

“This increase of over 80% in medical assistance is a reflection of the lessons in prevention and well-being that Covid-19 has left. People are more aware of the benefits of a preventive culture that prioritizes medical attention”, explained Roberto González, General Director of Allianz Partners Mexico.

In such a way that they indicate that the services with the highest demand were consultations with specialists, 30% and the specialty checkups and evaluation of the physical-biochemical aspect, in 28 percent.

They are followed by assistance related to dental care, medical guidance by telephone, consultations with nutritionistshome medical visits, remote psychological assistance and ambulance.

They also explain that although this pandemic scenario resulted in a growing interest of people in having medical assistance, its benefits are still little known and are often confused with medical expense insurance.

“Assistance is about a 24/7 accompaniment on a day-to-day basis that solves, in a timely manner, unforeseen events or needs with agile and immediate access to technical-professional services that, without this protection scheme, would be much more expensive and complex. to get. An insurance, for its part, financially compensates after what happened,” said Roberto González.


As a result of the increase in demand and to provide more immediate, agile and timely attention, Allianz Partners indicates that it is working on the digitalization of its offer.

“As a result, the company has ventured into telemedicine services and the recent launch of Allianz Assistance App. Through this mobile application, customers can make effective, in a couple of simple steps, services such as medical consultations, laboratories, ambulances, among many others”.

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