With 28 years in Mexico, Mercedes Benz is one of the leaders in the market

By celebrating 28 years of operations, the Mercedes Benz bus plant in Mexico, at the end of 2021, consolidated its presence in the country, being the leader in bus sales with a 44.04% share in the passenger segment.

“Throughout these 28 years, our house, La Casa del Bus as we refer to the plant, has housed more than 18 families of products. Today, the more than 96,300 units that have left home roll with great pride and passion for providing inclusive, safe, comfortable, innovative and environmentally friendly transportation,” said Raúl García, Director of Operations for Mercedes-Benz Buses.

Between January and December 2021, the passenger bus segment increased sales by 33.4%, in which they sold 4,941 trucks and of them Mercedes Benz has more than 44 percent.

The Bus House has also been flexible and resilient in the face of different moments and circumstances, always with a vision of improvement. Last year, it made a change in its layout, which not only increased flexibility and capacity, but also improved productivity by 15%, the manager reported.

“Under the insignia of the Three Pointed Star, La Casa delbús is synonymous with quality, trust and excellence as dictated by the certifications to which it has been awarded, among which are: ISO 9001 (Quality System), ISO 14001 (Environmental System), ISO/17025 (requirements that testing and calibration laboratories must meet), HRC Equity Mx Certificate, Pink Company, Clean Industry and Inclusive Company, among others”, he said.

In addition, this allowed it to adapt more quickly to the new safety and health measures, which made it the first plant to obtain official authorization to restart operations, once the Transportation industry was recognized as an essential activity.


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