According to CTV Meteorologist Kalin Mitchell, this latest winter storm had just about everything and none of it was pretty:

“Wildly varied impacts on the Maritimes,” Mitchell said, “different areas were affected by different types of weather.”

In New Brunswick, it was a cleanup day after a heavy snowfall on Friday.

“Heavy snowfall was coming from many areas of New Brunswick, especially central New Brunswick and southeastern areas of the province,” Mitchell said, adding that Nova Scotia’s Cumberland County and Prince Edward Island also had heavy snowfall. snowfall

As the storm approached Halifax, many areas experienced prolonged periods of freezing rain, which lasted for a long time.

“Over 29 hours freezing rain has been reported at Halifax Stanfield International Airport,” Mitchell said.

Cape Breton received a mix of extreme weather conditions.

“In the Cape Breton Highlands, northern areas and Victoria County, there was a lot of snow and ice pellet accumulation,” Mitchell said, adding that Sydney experienced a very different storm. “It was more of an icy situation with more freezing rain.”

Ice buildup on tree limbs has damaged power lines in Nova Scotia.

“It was more inland around Sackville, Middle Sackville, Upper Sackville, Hammonds Plains and the Beaver Bank area,” Nova Scotia Power Storm Leader Matt Drover said. “Nearly 92,000 customers have lost power due to the storm.”

Drover said more than 500 NS Power employees are working outside right now and expect to have most of the power restored by Saturday night.

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