Winter storm | Lined with snow as an aperitif for a weather cocktail

The weather cocktail that has swept across Quebec has its share of challenges, particularly on the province’s roads, but its snowy component brought joy to both adults and less adults on Tuesday evening.

“It’s his favorite activity,” says Chris, shortly after his boy, Kai, two and a half years old, slides down a track improvised by the father, equipped with a shovel and a sled.

The little family – mother, Jisoo, completes the trio – wanted to take advantage as much as possible of the white coat that covered Médéric-Martin Park, in Ville-Marie, before the rain started. “I don’t think the snow will stay for long,” says Chris.

If, however, the conditions remain as good, slips and snowfall are in the cards for this Wednesday. Besides, the weather cocktail that is coming does not worry him too much: “I had already planned to work from home, anyway. »

Mahée Lapointe, 16, was strolling through the streets of the neighborhood, photographing a building on rue Hochelaga which stood out among the thick and numerous snowflakes.

“It’s beautiful,” she says, all smiles, taking for granted that classes at her high school would be suspended this Wednesday.

“We will only know for sure in the morning,” she adds, however.

Not far away, Walter-Stewart Park was practically deserted as the The Press. Only Noémie and Marilou Simard occupied the space – the first accompanied by her dog, Luna. “She loves playing in the snow,” says Noémie, who is not overly worried about what Mother Nature has in store this Wednesday.


The snow did not prevent this cyclist from getting on his horse…

Ditto for his sister: “My boss offered me to work from home, but I refused, I’m going to go to the office. With public transport, I don’t think the storm will pose a problem,” says Marilou.

In Rosemont–La Petite-Patrie, many people traveled the multifunctional trail of the old Chemin des Carrières on cross-country skis.

Weather “cocktail”

Precipitation in the form of snow began late in the afternoon in Montreal and continued into the evening, interrupted only by short periods of calm. “It should transition to freezing rain overnight and change to rain in the morning,” said Dominic Martel, meteorologist with Environment Canada. Up to 20 millimeters of rain are expected this Wednesday in Montreal.

It is mainly southern Quebec and the greater Montreal region, in addition to some municipalities on the Gaspé Peninsula, which will be affected by this weather cocktail.

The “limit of where there will be ice” should be located somewhere between Trois-Rivières and Quebec, where only snow was expected. Further east and north, substantial snowfall of around 20 to 40 cm coupled with strong winds were expected.

Wind and snow are also what caused headaches for many motorists in the metropolitan area bothered by blowing snow on Tuesday evening. “On Highway 40, from Repentigny to Lake Saint-Pierre, visibility was almost zero in places, and it was reduced in Outaouais as well,” says Mr. Martel. An accident also occurred on Robert-Bourassa Boulevard, in the city center.

The City at work

The City of Montreal, fearing difficult times on the roads, asked the population to prioritize public transport this Wednesday and to encourage teleworking. “We invite those who can work from home to stay at home,” asked Philippe Sabourin, spokesperson for the City, at a press briefing Tuesday in the city center.

More than 1,000 municipal employees got to work at the start of the winter storm on Tuesday evening, with the “obsession” of making sidewalks passable as soon as possible, especially around public transport routes and public services. ’emergency.


The City of Montreal announced that it would put more than 1,000 municipal employees to work as of Tuesday evening.

Small abrasive rocks and melting salt were on the menu and are likely to remain so. “We are not going to skimp on quantities,” he said. Snow is expected first, then heavy amounts of rain, and we will see if it will be sleet or freezing rain. »

However, different types of precipitation will require city officials to adapt to changing conditions.

Certain portions of sidewalks may be difficult to pass for a certain time before municipal employees pass.

Hydro-Québec and schools

Hydro-Québec was preparing Tuesday evening for possible power outages due to these weather forecasts. “More than 400 teams will be mobilized and ready to intervene,” indicates Ouali Fodil, spokesperson for the state company. Late Tuesday evening, only 2,600 homes were plunged into darkness.

On its Facebook page, the state-owned company offered some advice to citizens on how to prepare in the event of a power outage. She recommends in particular “recharging the batteries of electronic devices so that you can use them for work or entertainment during the outage”.

For most schoolchildren and their parents, it will be necessary to keep an eye on the establishments’ instructions on Wednesday morning. Many of them, including the Laval school service center, indicated that a decision would be made that morning.

On the North Shore, the Estuaire school service center did not wait for its decision, announcing on Tuesday the closure of its schools for the next day. The Sept-Îles CEGEP also announced that its premises would be closed this Wednesday.

Another storm on Saturday?

Environment Canada says it is monitoring a low pressure system that is expected to cross southern Quebec over the weekend. “We probably won’t have the same kind of cocktails,” says meteorologist Dominic Martel. We see more snow. » In Gaspésie, however, mixed precipitation could occur overnight from Saturday to Sunday. “It’s still uncertain,” he said. For southern and central Quebec, Saturday will be the day with the heaviest snow, with meager residual amounts expected on Sunday.

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    Distance covered by sidewalks in the city of Montreal

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    Distance covered by roadways in the city of Montreal

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