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What domain name on the internet have the Taliban recently taken down?


Registered in 2018 with the .af suffix belonging to Afghanistan, the “” address was suspended by the Taliban-controlled government, the site 404 Media discovered this week. This address referred to a Mastodon server which describes itself as “an eclectic queer space”, obviously not popular with the Taliban.

The 30 million antivirus


Quebec and Ontario buyers of Norton antivirus software sold by Symantec recently received an email notifying them of a settlement of up to $30 million, which should be approved on February 28.

After Apple’s butterfly keyboards, it’s the turn of Norton antiviruses to compensate their Quebec and Ontario customers, for a maximum amount of 6 million in cash. Added to this are 90-day free licenses or discount codes, for a total of an estimated maximum value of 30 million. The fees of Quebec and Ontario lawyers amount to 5.04 million. Purchasers between 2010 and 2016 of Norton antivirus software sold by Symantec recently received an email notifying them of this regulation which should be approved on February 28. They have the choice of $5 cash or discounts and licenses worth up to $30.

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Managing heat and cold


Sinopé recently added to its range an interface allowing intelligent control of a wall-mounted heat pump.

To our knowledge, this is the first Quebec product allowing intelligent control of a wall-mounted heat pump. And it is the Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu manufacturer Sinopé which recently added it to its already well-stocked range, which allows you to control your air conditioning and heating with a ton of features such as automation, geolocation , pre-programmed “scenes” with other Sinopé devices and docking at peak periods. Unfortunately, this interface is currently only compatible with 25 models from two brands, ACD and Convectair.

Visit the official HP6000ZB interface page

Effective, but expensive


The Poly Voyager Surround 80 has an astonishing ability to detect two devices with which it has previously been associated via Bluetooth and to connect to them quickly.

The first argument in favor of the Poly Voyager Surround 80 headset, from the manufacturer HP, the one that makes it our favorite at work, is its way of handling phone calls and video conferences. Your voice is amplified and comes back into the headset, and it has an amazing ability to detect two devices and connect to them quickly. Its biggest flaw: its price of $600.95, worthy of high-end headphones, but without the richness of their bass and their sound reproduction range.

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Bluesky open


One year after its launch, the Bluesky social network is now accessible without invitation.

Created in 2019 by the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, the Bluesky network was only accessible by invitation since February 2023. Which still allowed it to reach the respectable number of 3.2 million users in one year. A year later, Bluesky is ready for “everyone to get on board,” it was announced on the network’s blog. No more invitations, with the promise of an “open and customizable” network where the user will not be subject “to the whims of private companies”.

Read the Bluesky blog post


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