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Windsor police have launched an “anti-noise campaign” that continues until Labor Day and includes an online reporting tool for complaints.

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In a statement, acting police chief Jason Bellaire said police have noticed more concern about noise pollution, especially from vehicles, in the last several years.

“With the arrival of nicer weather, the Windsor Police Service expects to receive an increase in complaints related to noise,” Bellaire said. “We ask that everyone consider others and be respectful to everyone in our communities by complying with all legislation pertaining to unnecessary noise.”

The summer campaign will focus on noise pollution from vehicles, with police enforcing bylaws in the community to “increase the quality of living for residents of Windsor and Amherstburg.”

Municipal noise bylaws in Windsor and Amherstburg, patrolled by the department, prohibit excessive vehicle noise. Examples of excessive noise include revving engines, squealing tires, loud stereos and general loud noises caused by vehicles, like a vehicle without a muffler.

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Times when noise by laws are in effect vary by municipality and in commercial versus residential areas. Information specific to each municipality can be found online.

Police are also introducing an online reporting option for noise complaints, which generates a case number and a copy of the complaint immediately via email. Online reporting also routes complaints to the City of Windsor by law department.

Police said the system frees up the call center for emergency calls, although anyone who does need to speak with an operator can contact the police non-emergency line at 519-258-6111.

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