Win by suffering

This week Real Madrid has opened a gap with respect to their pursuers in the league standings. Curiously, he has done it by linking two games in which they have given him a shake at home, first Sevilla and then Athletic. But he has won both and added the six points, which is what counts.

The team of Ancelotti It is showing that one of its most traditional hallmarks, its winning spirit, is still intact. Of what happened on Sunday and Wednesday on the grass, the only thing that counts is the result, the product of the fatality of Benzema and Vinicius, along with the hands of Courteous.

“I have been a coach for many years and I did not see this in my life. The analysis is simple: it is incredible not to have won & rdquor ;, he said Marcelino at the end of the game.

Solo Carlo you know if you believe his statements – “I am very satisfied with everything & rdquor; (safe Carlo?) – or behind that happiness there is concern and analysis about what is seen in the field. Against Athletic, 20 minutes of good football and from there dominance and chances of the lions, who still have to rub their eyes at what they failed.

As Europe’s greats rotate their lineups to take on the crazy schedule, Ancelotti it does not give up its spine.

Very striking is the case of housemiro, nor shadow of himself and at the same time, headline game after game. It is clear that the Italian coach does not trust the rest of the options for the center of the field, but he takes a high risk without giving rest to his medullary line. It happened years ago.

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Penalties aside, what would I say Ancelotti, against Sevilla, Madrid was saved by a genius of the magician Vinicius That goal gave the victory and much more, the feeling that the growth of the young forward is brutal. Not that the aim has improved. It is that he is breaking a great footballer. Of course, still irregular, against Athletic he did not appear, like the night of Sevilla & mldr; until he took the goal out of his boots.

The game of Real Madrid does not agree with their last results. The Sheriff picked up at the Bernabéu, with much less merit, what Sevilla and Athletic did not know. Better to win by suffering than to lose by playing.

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