Will Morena Deal With Military Influence?

By not accepting that the failure of the official rule of “public servants 90 percent loyal and 10 percent capable” has only left officials of sublime incompetence, the Government of Mexico is forced to supply the ineffective civilians with the military.

Although few like the one who writes this know and recognize the unwavering institutional loyalty of the soldiers and sailors of Mexico, it must be recognized that the political influence of assigned civilian positions is inevitable.

Perhaps the ruling party, eager for the government to arrive covered with successes at the end of the mandate, despite its self-confidence, will find it very difficult to ignore military opinion in the succession process. Things that happen when you underestimate or overestimate.

The CIDE is just a testing ground

It is logical what Dr. Jean Meyer explained to Joaquín López Dóriga about the conflict intentionally provoked, through Conacyt, by the Government of Mexico at the Center for Economic Research and Teaching, the CIDE.

Despite being an institute of excellence, CIDE is a small community of academics and students, which is the reason for selecting it. Tactics and maneuvers are tested, calculating that the size makes the conflict manageable and even a closure.

This experience would make possible the design of a plan to face the conflicts that the National Palace pointed out when accusing the public universities of “going right”, from the narrow official binary vision.

It only remains to deal with intelligence agencies

A lifetime ago, Dr. Jorge Carpizo, arrived in Bucareli, discovered that, like it or not, you have to pay informants who provide the raw information that intelligence analysts refine.

The expertise of the most efficient intelligence services in the world to create effective networks for paying informants, networks that multiply their capacity to fulfill their task, no matter how few officially registered agents are.

Controlling these networks of informants, spontaneous or paid, requires having trained and efficient counterintelligence services, which are very expensive and, once again, perhaps only the military in Mexico has the capacity for this task.


Perhaps the middle classes have other data, such as the precariousness of their income, the fall, in the best of cases, to the immediately lower decile of the income scale and dealing with inflation, beyond the ideological reasons that the President supposes Andrés Manuel López Obrador are the cause of their discontent … They affirm at the border that the deportees from the United States will begin to arrive in each of the, now they say, seven border cities to wait in Mexico for the appointment for their asylum application before a immigration judge about 700 daily. Do the math and calculate the cost … Why accuse Don Porfirio Díaz of a “fobaproa” in the laying of the 20 thousand kilometers of railroad tracks? Mysteries of the human soul … The great Italian filmmaker of the last century, Vittorio de Sica, left this message: “Moral outrage is, in most cases, two percent moral, forty-eight percent, outrage, and fifty percent, envy. ” …

Jose Fonseca

Political Journalist

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