Will arrive in Mexico

Blockchain.com, a of the most important cryptocurrency platforms in the world, acquired the Argentine personal finance and cryptocurrency company SeSocio.

The cryptocurrency platform did not disclose the economic terms of the operation, but it did say that with it it became the largest sector firm in Latin America, for which it will soon open offices in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Blockchain.com offers 37 million verified users in more than 200 countries the opportunity to monitor, buy, sell, exchange and store cryptocurrencies.

Gicsa, a company specialized in the development and operation of real estate of different types, will maintain its global scale credit ratings under special review with negative implications by the rating agency S&P Global Ratings, after having obtained a 90-day grace period for the payment of its bonds, a measure with which it seeks to preserve its financial flexibility and seeks alternatives to improve its capital structure.

The company’s ratings, ‘CCC’ on a global scale and ‘mxCCC’ on a national scale –both in the penultimate seat of speculative grade– were not downgraded because the rating agency considered that the agreement between Gicsa and its bondholders is not equivalent to a default, as there will be compensation for deferred payments.

On Friday, Gicsa announced that it reached an agreement with the holders of three of its stock certificates to suspend for 90 days the payment of interest and the constitution of reserves for those payments.

The company announced at the end of June that it was analyzing strategic alternatives to improve its capital structure, the financial restructuring process to achieve its viability, after the effects on its operations due to the brake in various economic sectors due to the health contingency in the face of the Covid pandemic. -19 for much of 2020.

Amazon.com said which will invest in 18 renewable energy projects underway in the United States, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The wind and solar projects, which have the capacity to generate 5.6 gigawatts, put it on the path of powering all its business operations through renewable energy by 2025, five years before the previous date that had been set for that commitment.

Facebook runs the risk of not understanding the metaverse (and an upcoming change in consumer behavior) if it does not allow digital ownership, according to some of the pioneers of the virtual world.

The social media giant made headlines last month by changing its name to Meta Platforms and announcing that it would focus on the effervescent “metaverse.”

However, as she has provided few details beyond the name change, metaverse participants doubt that Facebook is ready to embrace the spirit that drives creativity and profits in that space.

The metaverse refers to a set of shared spaces that is accessed through the Internet. Some use augmented reality, using smart glasses, although current platforms seem more like the inside of a video game than real life.

There is a lot of money in it. A “real estate” area of ​​an online world called Decentraland sold for the equivalent of $ 2.3 million last week.

Land and other virtual objects are typically traded as assets called non-fungible tokens (NFTs), whose sales topped $ 10 billion in the quarter to September, according to market-tracking firm DappRadar.

Modern, what directs Stephen Hoge, he could have a Covid-19 booster shot targeting the Omicron variant tested and ready to apply for authorization in the United States in March.

The company said booster vaccines that carry genes specifically targeting mutations in the recently discovered Omicron variant would be the fastest way to address any anticipated reduction in efficacy.

Moderna is also working on a multivalent vaccine that would include up to four different variants of the coronavirus, including Omicron. That could take several more months.


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