Why do we find it difficult to take vacations? 4 bad habits that affect Mexicans

Mexico is not only one of the countries where the least Holidays workers receive, in 2021 it was also one of the economies with the highest proportions of employees who did not use all their rest days, in many cases by choice, according to a report by Expedia.

Last year, globally, the workforce had an average of 18 days of paid vacations. In our country, that period was 14 days. However, Mexicans not only took fewer days to disconnect from work, 36% of workers closed 2021 without using their entire vacation period, a level six points higher than that observed in Canada or eleven points above what was reported. in Germany.

Paradoxically, our country is second among the economies that participated in the study with the highest level of job exhaustion, only below Singapore. Along the same lines, almost six out of 10 Mexicans recognized that more vacation days are missing in the country.

“From reconnecting with loved ones to relieving burnout, research consistently underscores the benefits of vacations. However, this fight balance work and lifetogether with the sometimes inflexible relationship with productivity, has made possible a few bad vacation habits that must be broken”, the study highlights.

In Mexico, there is still a work culture that gives a value to work for the hours that are used for employment, this has generated that it is given little importance of rest, that breaks are stigmatized as a lack of commitment or that disconnection from work is complicated. In this sense, Mexicans present a series of behaviors that make it difficult to fully enjoy vacations.

Obstacles to taking vacations

According to Expedia’s analysis, and based on responses from respondents in the country, these are the 4 bad habits The most common among Mexicans that do not help to really enjoy the vacations are:

» 1. I take my laptop for anything

Despite being on vacation, 58% of workers usually carry their work computer with them, which means that tasks are attended to at any time on days off and breaks are interrupted.

» 2. The contact number… just in case

78% of Mexicans admit to including their cell phone number in their vacation reply to co-workers or clients, which is an invitation to interrupt valuable free time.

» 3. I will be away, but there are video calls

53% of workers in our country admitted that they connected to video calls despite being on vacation, another bad habit that limits rest.

» 4. I can not be without work

48% of Mexicans admit to feeling guilty when they do not do anything “productive”. This is one of the reasons why six out of 10 people spend their vacations for an alternative business or the fact that 40% consider it necessary to offer an apology at work for taking their vacations.

The fault… of productivity?

72% of Mexicans say that teleworking has had benefits, but also negative points, among which is a greater difficulty in disconnecting from work when enjoying the vacation period due to the sense of availability generated by information technologies.

Expedia’s data show that in our country there is a relationship between the productivity concept and the fact of not taking vacations. Most people worry about a backlog of emails due to taking a few days off, and four in 10 feel guilty about colleagues covering tasks while they’re away.

“Fortunately, people continue to recognize how important it is to take time off to recharge, they just need a little reminder to take control of their lives. holidays”, is highlighted in the analysis.

According to the report, in 2022 Mexicans plan to drink on average 16 days of vacationthree days more than was used in 2021. Will they?

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