Why didn’t Laporta support the basketball team?

It is possible that my surprising call last Friday (@FCBhandbol) as goalkeeper of the Barça handball team in substitution of legendary Perez de Vargasbefore the momentous match against Bidasoagives me the right to ask the following question: Why does the president of Barça, Joan Laportawas not in the King’s Cup basketball final that the azulgrana team won, yesterday, in grenadeto the very Real Madrid?

It may be that my new personality, as a member of the Barça handball squad, will even allow me to stretch this issue even further and find out why not even the athletic vice president, Rafa Yustewent to that final where he was, of course, even knowing that he had to lose, the very Florentino Perez.

lousy adviser

And, although I didn’t finish putting on the Barcelona tracksuit because, apparently, someone realized that I’m not Pérez de Vargas (my brother Charleshe was a great handball goalkeeper in his youth), I am qualified to question again (this is not new, you already know) the figure of a presidential adviser, as Enric Masipwho is not even capable of advising the president that he should go to Granada and not to the box Mestallaafter passing through a beach bar in the Hollyhockto eat a succulent paella.

Obviously this is called Barcelona Soccer Club. Voucher. It is even more evident and his clappers do not stop saying it, that Laporta is, fundamentally, a president, not only an interventionist and presidentialist, but also “a very football fan & rdquor ;. So if women’s football wins, great, but knowing the names of the girls doesn’t matter. And if the boys of Jasikevicius They come back heroically, even against Real Madrid, well that’s fine, but you don’t have to go crazy either. In addition, he was already, in the box of the Granada pavilion, Albert Solernow a very important executive of the CDS and the person who, before Laporta dispensed with him, signed Jasikevicius.

All agree

Laporta despised basketball, although he will deny it. Moreover, he will say that, immediately after the victory, he posted a video on the networks rejoicing at the conquest. The president, Yuste, Masip, Mateu Germany, jordi cruyff and I don’t know how many more (well, yes, your friend Jordi Finestresalso) chose the trip to Valencia and sent minor managers (there were some, yes) to Granada.

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I insist, the bad thing is not that Laporta was not at the side of those who had to be, because a final is always a final and, in Valencia, it was simply played the 25th match of the championship. The bad thing, the horrible thing, what shows how that club and that directive is set up is that no family member or friend or connected to the president knew how to tell him, advise him, suggest him, convince him with arguments and, above all, with good sense, that where he had to be It was in Grenada.

That’s the bad thing, that everything ‘the room’ He thought it was great that its president did not accompany the basketball team in a game, a day and a historic victory for the entity.

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