Why did we defend Barcelona ?, by Andreu Claret

In the Republican exile, where there was, there was much sobering up. Where did Barcelona go after the Franciscans, without any resistance, on January 26, 1939? The mayors have given them the theme and crucified accusations according to their affinities. Los de Negrin responsabilizaban a Companys de no haberse tomado nunca la guerra en serio. The Escquerra Republicana attributes the dog of the Catalan front to its exclusion from all relations with the war on the part of Negrín and the Communists. The parties of Azaña attributes the forgotten entry of the Franciscan tropics in Barcelona to Stalin has been sent to the Spanish Republic. In view of the anarchists and the POUM, it is attributed to an equivocal policy that led to the proletarian revolution. As the communists respond that the Hubbie’s causes otherwise will not be lost as long as he organizes an exercise like God’s mandate. The controversial lawsuits that have been filed against the Republican Party have resulted in strikes between the exiles, which only coincided with an affirmation: the French and English intervention policy había sido el talon de Aquiles de la Republikica.

More than 80 years of Barcelona’s entry of the Yagüe tropes by the south, and the navarroi corps, the Italian tanks and the regular Moroccans by the Tibidabo, there are sufficient studies to address the multiple causes that explain la caida de barcelona coma una fruta madura. I would like to take part in these Byzantine discussions affirming that the war on the French franchise, meaning that the Habian lost the Republicans. A conclusion would certainly be taken later, from which it points out the disappointment that the Republican camp was known, only in Catalonia. For that matter, the Civil War was perpetrated by the warlord inside the war that broke out in May 1937, and by the forces that divide the Catalan nationalists with Companys, abandoned by many of those who accuse it, unjustly, of all the disasters of the Catalan retaguardia. I do not know that this climate of the fratricidal division divides the weight, but it does not mean that it crosses the ridge of the Ebro – where many miles of Catalan youths live from the fifth of the Biberon, el ejército republicano estaba en desbandada and the morale of the soldiers who had not deserted was stable for the souls.

With 2,500 civilian cases, the German-Italian experiment was aimed at: burning all resistance to morality; This strategy has been used since the Second World War

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The day before the entry of the franchisees in Barcelona, ​​’La Vanguardia’ todavía alcanzo a one last edition of the diary (checked entries by Negrín) with a title titled: ‘El Llobregat puede ser el Manzanares de Barcelona’. The ‘power’ reveals the skepticism of the linotypes who are confirmed in the hours. The French and Italian tropes crucified the Llobregat by the points that do not have safe side by side dynamites by the republican artists. Many of the reasons given by one and the other, in the debates in exile, in order to justify the inability of defending Barcelona, ​​are in their reason for being major or minor. Without embarrassment, Olvida is threatened, in order to explain the demoralization of a population that has not been cut down like those of the Casa de Campo de Madrid, leaving no barricade, which Barcelona has a long history of more than a dozen systematic bombings by the Italian Savoia-Marchetti and the German Junker. With around 2,500 civilian victims and 1,800 destroyed buildings, the German-Italian experiment is aimed at: quench all morality of resistance. Summed up by the Ebro derrota, the internal loopholes between Republicans and the negative impact that provoked the assassinations of civil and religious figures on the principle of war, this military strategy – which was used during the Second World War – doubled the possibility of reaction and all the way to the truck to the franchisees and their reception by a rendered population for the rationing and the war. Winston Churchill reconnaissance of the barrage of Barcelona bombers, in June 1940, in a famous discourse, when the Nazi bombings took place near London. Era tarde. Franco ya había ganado la guerra.

* Andreu Claret is the author of the novel 1939. La caiguda de Barcelona‘.


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