Why did a Hispanic boy become a hero of his community in Prince George?

HISTORY. Wilson Delgado’s work was known on the Telemundo screen. | Photo screenshot of Telemundo.

Wilson Delgado, a Hispanic boy, became a hero in his community after helping a girl find her home in Langley Park, a town in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

The context: It turned out that Wilson Delgado found the five-year-old girl when she was disoriented and crying in the street, because the girl had gotten off at the wrong school stop. The young man also got off the bus in order to help her, according to an exclusive interview with Telemundo.

  • The two children were seen shortly after by Alfredo Duarte, a Telemundo worker, who helped the boy find the girl’s residence.
  • The incident happened last week and had a happy ending.

What do they say? “I saw her crying down there, when I got off the bus, then I told her ‘where do you live’; and then I told him that ‘I’m going to take you to where you live’ (…) So I went walking and found the man and he also helped me ”, expressed Delgado.

  • “Proud. I felt good because my son always helps people in need, ”said Carmén Sánchez, mother of Wilson Delgado.

Main source of the news: Telemundo.


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