Why Carmen is very cool, by Maria Rovira

The bookstore The Unusual del Poblenou gives preferential treatment to authors specialized in fantasy genre, science fiction and horror. A window with books written by women where it said ‘I read authors’ It was enough for the beginning of October to unleash a flood of negative Google reviews where they accused the bookseller Carlota Gelonch of obnoxious, incompetent, “missionary& rdquor; and a little of whatever. “Imagine an ice cream parlor without all tastes & rdquor ;: indeed, like any ice cream parlor. “It lacks half of human knowledge & rdquor;: not like in the immense number of bookstores where there are practically no authors, which has never bothered them. “It seems fatal to me that they only sell women’s books & rdquor ;: they would have every right to do so (and even more considering how the sector is and how the world is) but that is not the case, except that Terry Pratchett, Isaac Asimov and so many others are male pseudonyms used by shadow authors to be able to publish quietly and receive the recognition they deserve. Finally, the campaign had the opposite effect as desired: Users countered by flooding the page with positive reviews and the beloved ‘Streisand effect’ ended up being a campaign of brutal promotion that a company like La Insòlita I understand that it could not have been paid.

If a bookstore that prioritizes the authors already revolts some, the existence of a non-mixed space in a world like videogames (which manages to stand out for its misogyny) triggers violence and massive boycott. This is the case of the Gaming Ladies festival, which in 2017 ended up seeing its second edition canceled 24 hours after the date and place were announced. The company that had decided to host it, King, stated that the safety of the attendees could not be guaranteed. The enormous volume of harassment, insults and threats received daily by the organizer of Gaming Ladies, the journalist specialized in video games Marina Amores, it becomes difficult to size for many of us. Even an illuminated burrow of ‘incels’ that is’Forocoches‘He invested part of his life, ephemeral and unrepeatable, to denounce her to the Prosecutor’s Office for “discriminating against men & rdquor ;. The violent and excessive reaction to an initiative that simply promotes the presence of women in such a macho and masculinized sector further reinforces the need for a non-mixed safe space, but I suppose hoping they understand the irony of the matter would be asking too much. Non-mixed spaces are besieged and women who stick their heads out in masculinized environments are insulted and humiliated, such as the only player in the Balloon World Cup competition. All the rest (players, referees, commentators, presenters, VAR managers) were men.

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The ‘Deformed Weekly’ podcasts of Lucia Lijtmaer e Isa Calderon and ‘Stretching the gum’ by Carolina Iglesias and Victoria Martin They have won an Ondas, an award that is more honorary than pecuniary. By age and talent, if they were men, they would surely be conducting their own programs in mainstream media. The woman who has taken a million euros from Planet Award won has turned out to be three gentlemen: Jorge, Agustín and Antonio. Who at this point still does not grind absolutely nothing, I no longer expect him to understand.


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