Why an SUV?

Judging by your hundreds of responses to our appeal to all, SUVs are not about to disappear from our roads. Here is a selection of your comments.

Who says better ?

We feel better seen there and we see better. To change lanes, others let us pass more easily, the weight imposes it. It’s a tall vehicle, so it’s much easier to get in and out of, when age makes us a little less flexible! In addition, retirees, of which I am one, ski, bike, go on trips, and therefore the loading capacity is interesting. I want to change to a hybrid or electric vehicle and there will only be the price to make me give up an SUV.

Sylvie Gorse, Montreal

Vicious circle

It becomes a vicious circle! We have always resisted getting an SUV until now. We now want to buy an electric vehicle, but the supply of small electric vehicles is scarce. For example, we would have liked an electric Golf, which is unfortunately no longer offered on the North American market. So we will probably buy an electric SUV… unfortunately!

Danièle Ayotte, Mont-Tremblant

SUV for sale

I have an SUV and I’m going to sell it this year to replace it with a full-size electric car. I no longer have children at home, no dog and I no longer do renovation work. So why put a big vehicle like that on the road? There is no justification!

Pierre Chartrand, Sainte-Adèle

Road conditions

I have a small SUV (Subaru Crosstrek). Because of the road conditions, I have to have big wheels and a high vehicle. I had a Toyota Corolla and I had lots of problems with the front wheels: flat tires, broken wheels and even the axle, because of potholes.

Ginette Leblanc, Gatineau

Weak back

I am 72 years old and have a weak back. Five years ago I bought my second SUV. I used to have a Toyota Corolla that I had trouble getting out of, and the seat wasn’t comfortable. My first criterion is comfort and the second is economy. So I opted for a small SUV, the Nissan Qashquai, because it allows me to sit without bending over, its seats are very comfortable and it is very economical (6 liters every 100 km on average). It’s the big SUVs that are the problem!

Louise Carreau, Portneuf


I don’t have an SUV, I don’t see the point in it. If I judge from my elderly neighbors, more and more single people have purchased this type of vehicle. Do they have the illusion of being safer? I can see the need for families with two or three children. It seems that in Quebec, we are the champions of this type of purchase. Since the old parking spaces were not configured for SUVs, sometimes I find myself stuck between two of these huge SUVs and have to contort myself to open my door. Then, they cut off all my visibility to move back. On the road, when they follow you too closely, it’s stressful. It’s incomprehensible.

Lise Cyr, Montreal


The Kei Truck by Nicolas Des Ormeaux

Small wonder

Like hundreds of enthusiasts, I chose, unlike the SUV, the smallest vehicle possible… the Kei Truck. And it works ! This small truck imported from Japan must be over 25 years old to drive in Quebec and, with its 60,000 km, it does not look its age. A great example to show that a shrinking world exists.

Nicolas Des Ormeaux, Montreal

Low supply

There is very little supply of subcompact or compact cars, manufacturers do not offer smaller cars at lower prices. There are only SUVs or vans, whose consumption has improved, but which still consume too much. Why not surcharge large vehicles, and with this surcharge, encourage the purchase of small cars? And yet, in Europe, the same manufacturers offer subcompacts and compacts.

André Deschênes, Montreal

Easy choice

Our choice was easy: greater vehicle load capacity for an active family. Perception of safety for occupants, in an environment of increasingly large vehicles. Better visibility (higher driving position than in a sedan) and better traction in winter conditions.

Marc-André Lavigne, Montreal

At the same height as the others

For the last six years, I drove small four-cylinder cars that I had to twist to get in and out of. This year I decided to look for a small four-cylinder SUV that would give me a better position when getting in and out of my vehicle and I bought it. In addition, I quickly realized that I was no longer exposed to the lights of other vehicles on the road, most of which were SUVs. Visibility is also another advantage of these small SUVs.

Alain Grenier, Trois-Rivières


I’ve driven heavy vehicles for 35 years, so I know the risks on the road. The first reason is an element of security for my wife and me. The second is that we sit higher, so we have better visibility. The third is that I tinker a lot and can load equipment by lowering the bench seats. The fourth is that we have a trailer, so the SUV must be able to tow 5000 lbs. And the last one is I want my wife to feel safe when she takes it in winter.

Gordon McFlash, Waterloo

I would prefer a family

My needs and my selection criteria (EV, all-wheel drive, rear hatch) give me no other choice than the SUV. Manufacturers have stopped offering us station wagons, which I would prefer. I never liked SUVs. They offer a false sense of security and are unpleasant to drive.

Ian Beaudoin, Montreal

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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