Who to vote for?

People who are undecided or unsure of their choice sometimes ask me, when they pass me, who they should vote for. It is not my role to suggest a choice. As I like to popularize political issues, I thought I would offer you the simplest guide possible.

I worked from the main themes of the parties, ideas hammered out by the leaders on a daily basis. I have tried to summarize their intentions in a few direct and succinct statements. Hope this tool will help your choice.

Bloc Quebecois

The Bloc Québécois is committed to defending the interests of Quebec in Ottawa, without compromise, since it only presents candidates in Quebec.

Unable to gain power, the Bloc explains that it is evaluating each project. When he sees fit for Quebec, he votes in favor. Otherwise, he votes against.

The Bloc Québécois believes that it exercises a particular power when the government is in a minority.


The Conservative Party is the only party to project a return to balanced budgets over 10 years despite significant spending in a first term.

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole insists he is pro-choice and determined to act on climate change despite dissenting voices in his party.

Erin O’Toole intends to respect the jurisdictions of the provinces, which earned him the kind words of François Legault.

Erin O’Toole offers Quebecers a contract, a specific program, in which he undertakes not to contest the Law on the secularism of the State and to transfer immigration powers to Quebec.


Justin Trudeau presents himself as the one who helped us get through the pandemic better and who will help us get out of it better.

Justin Trudeau insists on compulsory vaccination as much for government employees as in air and rail transport.

The Liberal Party claims to have a balanced approach to climate change. Even though past targets have been missed, he says in the future they will be met or even exceeded.

The Liberal Party insists on the need for the State to invest to help the population and considers that efforts to restore a balanced budget would be harmful.

The Liberal Party is proposing a $ 10 child care system across Canada, with $ 6 billion in compensation for Quebec where a system already exists.

New Democratic Party

Jagmeet Singh offers universal dental insurance, drug coverage and an affordable housing program.

The NDP wants to extend emergency income replacement programs (like PCRE) for the coming months.

He repeats that he wants to make pay for his promises, which are the most expensive of all the main parties, by the “ultra-rich”.

Jagmeet Singh insists that he understands the needs of ordinary people, that he has been through hardships and that he enjoys helping people.

Greens and PPC

The Green Party wants to put partisanship aside so that the parties work together on climate change.

Maxime Bernier wants to put an end to health measures and eliminate the deficit in one mandate.

Go vote!


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