Who finances social programs?

President López Obrador frequently points out that the poor are the ones who pay taxes and that the rich contribute practically nothing to public revenues. This assertion is one more lie from the president and its sole objective is to confuse the population and confront the poor with the rich.

Of the total ISR collection for individuals, 80% is obtained from families that are in the 30% highest income, while the other 70% of families only contribute 20% of public income for this concept. .

In the case of VAT, 67% of the collection comes from the 40% of families with the highest income and the remaining 33% from the 60% of families with the lowest income. Something similar happens in the IEPS, 62% of the collection comes from the 40% of families with the highest income. Even in social security contributions, 78% comes from the 40% of families with the highest income.

Of the total collection, 76% comes from the 30% of families with the highest income and private companies, while the 70% of families with the lowest income contribute 24 percent.

This focus on paying taxes is the product of the great concentration that occurs in family income in our country, so a better distribution should be a national priority.

Based on the above information, it is clear that López Obrador is lying when he says that public income comes mainly from people who have the least and that the rest evade what they should pay.

There is still, without a doubt, a great tax evasion in the country, according to an Inegi survey, despite the fact that 70% of the population has credit cards, 80% of their purchases are made in cash, on the other hand, a portion of real estate purchases are still made in cash.

This evasion comes from people with high incomes rather than from the popular informal sector. Everyone should pay taxes on their income, but it is a lie that street vendors or people who live in the informal subsistence economy are the cause of the low tax collection in the country. Evasion is in the informal economy above and not below as many believe.

It would be important to carry out a campaign informing people where public income comes from and therefore who finances social programs. Many people believe that he is the president and are grateful to him, but they do not realize that if there were no companies and entrepreneurs there would be no social programs either.

López Obrador makes a caravan with someone else’s hat and instead of telling the truth so that people value more the importance of investment and private companies, he dedicates himself to disqualifying them and provoking their rejection, only achieving the slowdown of the economy and the creation of jobs.

Mexico continues to be one of the countries with the lowest tax collection, with the lowest income and public spending in the world in relation to the size of its economy, and as long as this is not corrected, the country will not be able to grow and create jobs at the rate required and the majority of the population will remain in the poverty in which they live.

Demetrius Sodi

Mexican politician

from the pitch

Citizen interested in solutions for the country and Mexico City. Mexican politician, he has been a federal deputy (1988-1991), senator (2000-2006) and delegation head of Miguel Hidalgo (2009-2012).

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