WHO asks those over 60 to postpone their trips due to the Omicron variant of Covid-19

General travel bans will not prevent the spread of new Omicron variant coronavirus, warned on Tuesday the WHO, which recommended those over 60 to postpone their travels.

In its recommendations, the World Health Organization He noted that, as of November 28, “56 countries had applied travel measures to try to delay the import of the new variant.”

However, the Geneva-based organization, whose recommendations are not always followed by its 194 member states, warned that “blanket travel bans will not prevent international spread, and place a heavy burden on lives and livelihoods.” .

Furthermore, these measures “may have a negative impact on global health efforts during a pandemic by discouraging countries from reporting and sharing epidemiological and sequencing data.”

In its recommendations, the WHO says that “people who are not in good health or who are at risk of developing a disease should be counseled. severe form of Covid-19 disease or dying, including those of 60 years or more or the ones that have comorbilidades (for example, heart disease, cancer and diabetes), postpone the trip. “

More generally, it asks all travelers to “stay vigilant”, get vaccinated and follow public health regulations regardless of their vaccination status, including the use of face masks, the observance of physical distancing measures and the avoidance of spaces. crowded and stuffy.

Last Sunday, the WHO regional office in Africa called for “open borders”, while South Africa called for the “immediate and urgent lifting” of travel restrictions to the country after the detection of the new Omicron variant.


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