“Beijing Express”: Who are the sixteen candidates for the 14th season? – 20 Minutes

  • M6 inaugurates the fourteenth season of Beijing Express this Tuesday with a race through “the tracks of the red earth”.
  • This year, sixteen candidates, aged 19 to 60, are in competition. Discover their portrait.

Obviously, Beijing Express is an adventure that is not easy. This has never been truer than for the contestants of the fourteenth season titled On the tracks of the red earth, launched this Tuesday on M6. After a fanfare start as soon as they got off their plane, the eight pairs did not enjoy Africa for long, where the competition was supposed to take place, because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Whether as a couple, father and daughter, colleagues or friends, the sixteen candidates of this edition will cross Uganda during the first stages of the race. After a break of several months linked to the health crisis, they will take to the road again to discover Greece and Turkey – the season will then be renamed “The Route of the Three Continents”. Discover the face and the course of this season’s competitors.

Christophe and Claire, the chic father and the shocking daughter

With his hat screwed on to his head, you might think that Christophe, 60, has all the qualities of a modern Indiana Jones. But contemplative and head in the air, it’s quite the opposite. If he is not athletic for a penny, he can count on his daughter, Claire, aged 28, to guide the pair during the physical events. Both will have to overcome the few points of sarcasm that bind them to go as far as possible.

Crisoula and Jenny, the Belgian aunt and niece

In these times of curfew, M6 will offer us to travel thousands of kilometers through African landscapes, but also a little closer thanks to the well-marked accent of Crisoula and Jenny, the aunt and niece from Belgium. . Bonded with the hardships of their lives, Jenny, 25, considers her aunt to be her second mother and Crisoula, 52, describes her niece as her confidante. There is no doubt that the emotion will be there with them.

Florent and Noël, the Catalan colleagues

Speaking of accent, theirs is much more singing. Florent and Noël come straight from the Pyrénées-Orientales and you can hear it! Both spend their days together since they are colleagues. Florent, 35, drives the truck and Noël, 48, collects green waste from their city. If they have never traveled much, the two friends will have to find harmony to make themselves understood by the locals. And it is not won.

Rose-Marie and Cinzia, the Parisian friends

At 32 and 33 years old, Rose-Marie and Cinzia say that their meeting was “a real love at first sight”. The first is being retrained to become a yoga teacher and the second is a jack of all trades: lingerie stylist, actress, singer… For them, who met thirteen years ago during a language study trip in Hawaii , winning matters more than anything.

Pierre-Louis and Arnaud, the party-loving brothers

Did you ask for southern accents? You will have some! Originally from the South West, Pierre-Louis and Arnaud are the two brothers for this season. With only two years apart, the pair share everything: their sense of celebration (and the love of holidays that goes with it), their friends but also their profession since they dream of opening their physiotherapy practice together.

Aurore and Jonathan, the couple from the North

“I am the head and Jonathan the legs!” This is how Aurore, 38, describes the pair she forms with her husband, three years her junior. The two lovers are very fusional and do nothing without each other … Apart from sports training. Aurore will therefore have to surpass herself to follow the adventure of her life to the end.

Kaoutar and Nour, the explosive mother and daughter

They too are in (almost) permanent symbiosis. Kaoutar, 38, and her daughter Nour, 19, participate in Beijing Express to further strengthen their ties as the recent divorce of the parental couple has been a real test for the family. With them, bursts of laughter are common, but tears could also quickly rise to their eyes.

Sabine and Loïc, the pair of strangers

What would a season of Beijing Express without his pair of strangers? As usual, the production has chosen two personalities that everything seems to oppose. Sabine, 50, is a classical music teacher, clarinetist and opera singer. Loïc, he does catering-delivery on his own account and dreams of only one thing at 33: break into rap. If we say that music softens manners, will it be the case with these two?


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