Who are the characters and cast of ‘Elite’?

The exclusive Las Encinas school, where part of the action of the Netflix series ‘Elite’, receive in this fifth season that premieres the platform on Friday, 8, to two new students who will revolutionize it. Even more. If it fits. Because the former pupils are also strong in this course. A little cheat sheet (although there will be no exam) to find out who are entering and review those who have already been at least one season or more waging war:

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New student of Las Encinas. She daughter of kings of nightlife in Ibiza, is an impulsive, direct and extremely sexy girl. Although this appearance of overwhelming security and carefreeness can hide a very different reality. she gives him life Valentina Zenerea ‘former Disney girl’ who played the bad guy in ‘Soy Luna’ and in Spain has participated in the Netflix series ‘Las Chicas del Cable’.

New student. Is son of a Portuguese footballer, the best in the world (inevitable to think of Ronaldo), an immature guy who throws parties every day at the family home, with which the boy must adopt the figure of his father’s father. Of course, when the hangover allows it, he takes him to school in a Lamborgini, impressing the staff. The actor who plays him Andre Lamogliastarred in ‘Juacas’ on Disney Channel, and ‘Bia’, on Disney Channel Latin America.

He landed at the institute last season and blew it away. Between all the sexes. He is the son of the director of Las Encinas, Benjamín (Diego Martín), and the brother of Ariadna and Mencía. He is a very attractive and very outgoing boy who has become a leader in the institute. Especially after the departure of Guzmán (Miguel Bernardeau). He is gay and where he puts the eye he puts the bullet. Well until now. He brings to life the actor, ‘influencer’ and musician Manu Ríos, whom we have recently seen as Marcos in the Atresplayer Premium series ‘The age of anger’.

Sister of Patrick and Mencia and daughter of Benjamin. She is competitive, perfectionist, sophisticated… And seductive: admirers rain down on her, which has made her have several relationships at the same time. Because it is so difficult to choose… Last season it was Guzmán and Samu who disputed their love. In this one she is finally focused on Samu, but they will try to distract her…. Carla Diaz (‘The Prince’) is the actress who plays her.

He also arrived at the institute last season with his father, Patrick and Ariadne. Lover of adventure and trying things, this voluptuous and sensual young woman got into a dangerous experience of prostitution that led to tragedy (the death of his ‘lover/client’). Likewise, he started a homosexual relationship with Rebeka, which he now seems to reject. Martina Cardidi He is the one who gives it life.

A boy thoughtful and responsible because he is on a scholarship and moves between the need to focus on his studies and the continuous siren songs of his classmates, who do not have to earn their salary. Always overwhelmed by some matter and circumspect he is now worried that, after covering up the murderer of perverted Armando, he turns out to be the suspect in the crime. Infatuated, he has taken his romances with Carla, Rebeka and Ariana very seriously. The actor who brings him to life is Itzan Escamilla.

boy from Maghreb and humble origin who combines his studies in Las Encinas with work in the restaurant, in which he has risen this season. She had a beautiful love story with Ander (Arón Piper), who fascinated fans of the series, the famous ‘Omander’. In this season she will discover her most supportive facet helping a young immigrant in trouble, Bilal, (Adam Nourou). Omar Ayuso He is the actor who brings him to life.

The ‘cool charisma’ Rosalía type and the self-confidence of this girl, who is of good class thanks to her mother’s not very legal business, dazzled Samuel and, last season, drove Mencía crazy, who woke up his homosexuality. She takes being an accessory to a murder quite calmly, but not so well the disdain that Mencía shows her, so she will need to discover herself again. Claudia Salas is the actress who plays her.

Humble, is the school cleaner, despite the fact that she wears some spectacular designs of her own creation, since her vocation is that of a fashion designer. Last season she starred in a fairy tale, in which she was Cinderella with prince included. But the boy’s ways and his past make her distance from him. She though she costs him. The actress gets into her skin Catalan Georgina Amorós.

prince philippe Florian Von Triesenberg he is the young heir to some Central European kingdom — gossips say he could be inspired by the most rebellious nephew of the King of Spain, Felipe Froilán –, who conquered the humblest girl (and mature) of the institute. He is elegant and polite, but he is haunted by an accusation of sexual assault. The singer Pol Granch He made his acting debut with this role.

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