Who are the 7,277 defaulters with the Treasury?

The number of defaulters with Hacienda has increased substantially, according to the list published this Monday by the Tax agency. In total they are 7,277 contributors, between natural and legal persons, which implies 88% more than in the document published last June.

The increase is due to the fact that the threshold to be part of this list has fallen from the previous million euros to 600,000 and, it also joins the solidarity leaders, that is, those who have collaborated with the fraudster. The same happens with the debt accumulated by all those that appear in the list: 18,232 million, but with significant duplications as a result of the inclusion of joint liability derivatives. Subtracting duplications, the amount pending publication would be 15,200 million euros; therefore, there are 3 billion euros duplicated.

Of the total debtors, 1,367 are natural persons with a debt of 2,081 million, compared to 312 for an amount of 673 million euros in the previous list; Y 5,910 legal entities (companies and companies) for an amount of 16,150 million euros (they were 3,557 for an amount 13,426 million euros in the previous list).

In addition to TwitterAmong legal entities, popular characters such as chef Sergi Arola are added to the classification; the exculé Samuel Eto’o or the television character, Kiko Matamoros. Among the companies, those related to the real estate sector stand out, with Reyal City to the front with pending invoices with the treasury for 340 million.

Here is a search engine with which you can find both natural and legal taxpayers with outstanding debts with the Treasury for more than 600,000 euros as of August 31 last:

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