Who are Mahmood and Blanco the Sanremo winners who will represent Italy at Eurovision 2022?

  • Aesthetics and music go hand in hand in the career of the two young singers

Mahmood, 29 years old, and White, 18, are the new heroes of Italy, the country they will represent in Eurovision. His ballad ‘Brividi’ (‘Goosebumps’), a song that celebrates love in all its combinations and expressions, conquered the Sanremo Song Festival. Who is this professional couple?

Of the two, the best known internationally is Alessandro Mahmoud, born on the outskirts of Milan in 1992 to an Egyptian father. In 2019 he was second in Eurovision with ‘Soldi’. The tattooed artist, who laughs when asked if he is a relative of Rosalía, speaks perfect Spanish and works just as well on stage as on the networks, where he demonstrates one of his maxims: aesthetics and music go hand in hand. He assures that his songs talk about what he has lived through, personal things and issues that are on his mind. To compose you need to travel and meet new people, as he commented in an interview with TVE last July when he presented his album ‘Ghettolympus’, a mature album in which he talks about his life from the age of 26.

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Blanco, meanwhile, is the pseudonym under which Riccardo Fabbriconi (Calvagese della Riviera, 2003), author of the album ‘Blu celeste’, hides. Since childhood he was fascinated by music, a passion that he shared for a while with sports.


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