Whirlpool is investing $ 25 million this year to expand its capacity at its Apodaca plant

Monterrey, NL. The appliance manufacturer Whirlpool is investing this year 150 million dollars in Mexico to expand its production capacity, in its plant of Apodaca will invest 25 million dollars; 114 million more in Ramos Arizpe and the rest in the other plants it has in the country, and has been able to overcome the growing demand for home appliances caused by the confinement, therefore its production will increase 30% this year.

So he commented to The Economist, Juan Carlos Puente, LAR president of the North Region (Mexico, Central America, Caribbean and Andes) and senior vice president of Whirlpool Corp.

Juan Carlos Puente assured that they have worked hard to have the necessary components to meet the demand and they managed to prepare very fast protocols in their plants in the northeast and throughout the country. For this reason, he estimated that this year “we are going to manufacture 30% more than the previous year.”

He explained that to avoid stoppages in the plants, during the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, in which all economies closed, focused on protecting employment and meeting consumer needs.

“We decided not to stop and have all the people at the bottom of the barrel to serve consumers, we cannot cover the sun with one finger, during the course of the pandemic, we have had problems (…), we started the pandemic with many problems of supply of many components, and they have been corrected, such as resins, plastics, gas, steel and microcomponents ”.

“The most problematic were the microcomponents, it has not been solved, and it will take the whole year to come because it takes a long time to increase production capacity, with this electronic parts are made for the products, now everyone has a electronic card or more, that makes the product work better, we are struggling with that ”, the manager explained.

Another drawback is the logistics to bring the microchips, due to the saturation of the port of Los Angeles, California, where many components arrive from Asia, containers need to return to China To ship more components, however, the company has been able to move its products from one region to another and bring more suppliers to Mexico, to have an aligned strategy in its plants, he explained.

Currently, of the total production in Mexico, 50% is exported to 170 countries, mainly to the partners of the T-MEC. They have a workforce of 12,000 people and have been able to grow to meet the demand that is very strong.

The company recently turned 110 years old, its origin was in the state of Michigan, in the United States. Juan Carlos Puente indicated that the company has continued to grow based on innovation and a focus on the consumer, especially since 50 years ago the longevity of companies was 60 years and today it has been reduced to 18 years, “those that do not they constantly reinvent or innovate, they die ”, he warned.

According to Household Appliances Cluster (Clelac), this year’s projections mark a growth of 15% in the economy of the sector with reference to 2020, due to the good rhythm of consumption, mainly driven by confinement, as well as the regionalization of supply chains.

The sector could go from generating 32,700 direct jobs in New Lion to about 40,000 at the end of the year.


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