Where will they ask us for the covid passport this December bridge?

  • The mobility restrictions derived from the spread of the covid are applied differently depending on the area, which can affect the organization and travel plans on holidays.

Many are the Autonomous Communities of Spain that have considered requesting the covid passport to all those who want to enter their territory. Below we will show the Autonomous Communities that will request it, those that will not and those that are still waiting to be able to provide information on the matter:

You need a covid passport

  • Aragon: You will request a covid passport to enter nightlife venues, for celebrations in hotel and restaurant establishments and to participate in mass events.

  • Catalonia: The Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has endorsed the use of the Covid passport in hotels, sports centers and nursing homes due to the upturn in cases in the community.

  • Foral Community of Navarra: The Superior Court of Justice of Navarra (TSJN) has authorized that the document be requested from those who want to access restaurants with more than 60 diners, establishments with a disco license or party rooms.

  • Valencian Community: The Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) authorizes the community to implement this measure in hospitality and leisure establishments with capacity of more than 50 people, as well as in visits to nursing homes and hospitals.

  • Galicia: The president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has advanced that the certificate of vaccination against covid will be mandatory to access spaces such as gyms, day and oncohematological hospitals, dialysis units, and nursing homes in Galicia. The Superior Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG) has endorsed the Government to require the covid passport as a ‘preventive measure of health security’ to access hospitals and, with the endorsement of the Supreme Court, Galicia has also implemented the certificate in nightlife .

  • Balearic Islands: The Superior Court of Justice has authorized the requirement of the covid certificate [lea aquí el auto] to access bars, restaurants and nightlife establishments with a capacity of more than 50 people. The High Court thus endorses the measure agreed by the Balearic Government in its plan to control coronavirus infections and that will come into force next Saturday and will last until January 24, 2022, after the celebration of Sant Sebastià.

  • Basque Country: In this case, a covid passport will be requested for all those who want to enter restaurants and for nightlife.

  • Murcia region: The covid certificate will be required for customers of premises that reach 100% capacity. This measure will remain in force until next December 17, for now.

The covid passport is not necessary

  • Castilla la Mancha: The Government of Castilla-La Mancha believes that it is more convenient to seek consensus and agree and does not consider it necessary to adopt a measure such as requesting the covid passport because the region has half the incidence of the national average.

  • Madrid’s communityAccording to the Community of Madrid they are “vigilant”, although not “concerned” and for the same reason they do not believe that it is necessary to implement this type of measure.

  • Estremadura: By staying at risk level 1, you do not consider that the use of the certificate is necessary.

  • The Rioja: You have warned that your objective is to adapt ‘in an agile way’ to the update of the new traffic light approved by Health, before requesting any type of accreditation.

  • Principality of AsturiasAlthough it is not requested in a general way, the regional Executive gives ‘carte blanche’ to put it in the event that the technicians consider it necessary to limit the entrance to some establishment.

Related news

  • Andalusia: The Covid passport will not be applied in Andalusia, at least for now. This has been determined by the judges of the Contentious-Administrative Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Andalusia (TSJA) based in Granada regarding the request of the Board to require this certificate in visits to hospitals and nursing homes .

  • Canary Islands: You have requested judicial endorsement from the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands (TSJC) for the use of the passport in premises and public spaces.

  • Cantabria: The Ministry of Health is currently studying requesting the Justice to apply the COVID certificate, although, for the moment, it is not yet known in what areas and to what extent it would try to impose.

  • Castile and Leon: If adopted, the Board would apply it mainly in hospitals and shelters, although it is still awaiting the legal report.


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