The blackboard doesn’t lie. The list of caps it is shown to the clientele, who sweat the fat drop fitting the different pieces of the intake. 10 iconic tapas, beer and dessert. And a joint for everything. A ‘tour’ of popular excellence with 12 obligatory stops: bravas, salad, torrezno, fried fish, booomba! Your body asks for salsa and we provide you with the dance halls. Places that embroider each recipe and take her to another dimension. I will not be so bold to say that they are the best of the best. In the field of tapas, each palate is a universe with its own rules, it is useless to sit down. What I have clear is that these are the places I would go with a blindfold. let’s call him the All Star Game of BCN tapas. The blackboard of happiness. And another one from mojama, please.


Buy gold

It all starts with a cane in the glass of goldwhere else? In this legendary house, tapas and well drafted beer They are two philosophies of life. The sirloin with foie It is pushed with the nectar of the house, a majestic beer that arrives in long glasses typical of the joint, the edge or the flute. No one pulls the rod better than the squadron of waiters at the Golden Glass. And if you order the mix of blonde and black, cross yourself first: you’re about to see the face of God. Balboa, 6. Instagram:

Anchovies with their bones

blessed scrape

A neon with the name of the bar colors the bar. The Jai Ca is history of sailor capthere it goes, in the Barceloneta, oblivious to fashion, to his vibe, with a history of memorable meals that many tapas bars in the center would like. Total, that the Jai-Ca prepares you a colossal anchovy. An anchovy that, to add insult to injury, lands on the bar with a prize. It is an attractive, meaty, Cantabrian piece of the highest quality: it is freshly prepared and is submerged in a puddle of olive oil. And the prize is firecracker, neither more nor less than his fried scraper to the side, to culminate the rite chewing the delicious skeleton of the fish. It has no name. Geneva, 13. Geneva, 9.

Tortilla stick

Love triangle

Barcelona has a constellation of tortilla pinchos that goes from north restaurant to the bar the chickengoing by Koska Taverna or Pepe’s house. However, the formula Pyrenean creameries continues to reign well above the Diagonal. Minus point and an anthological caramelization of the onion. Succulent pieces that last seconds on the plate. You don’t even have time to accompany them with tomato bread. Their individual triangles are generous and varied (the one with chorizo ​​and the one with truffles are for dancing the balalaika) and they let themselves be loved by the other diva of the house, a Nobel Prize-winning Iberian ham sandwich. It is mandatory to get up early to reach your yellowish ambrosia: tortillas fly. Muntaner, 460. Instagram: @manqueriaspirenaicas


Not to the war

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I think about the bomb Mr. Vermouth or the cooking pump North West Tavern and a shiver of pleasure runs through my body. But in this very refined selection where there can only be one left, I have to bow to the mother of all bombs, the jewel of that trench called The Smoked Cove. Not in vain, in this busy eating house the cover was created almost 70 years ago. We are talking about a perfectly battered and balanced sphere that, subjected to the punishment of the fork, is transformed into a magma of potato, meat and sauce that is unrivaled in Barcelona. I wish all wars were solved with the bombs of this legendary joint. Bastion, 56.

salted fish

Almeria ‘mon amour’

To make vermouth well, you have to travel south. or to Funny. Specifically to The Villa, a vermouth with an Almerian soul and a gift for Spanish seafood tapas. The love they put into each preparation is commendable, but the obligatory visit concerns the salted fish section. They handle a supreme product from Murcia (from Garré), which translates into a tuna mojama and exquisite roe. Dare with dried octopus from Almería: you will include it in your diet on a regular basis. Martinez de la Rosa, 27.

Fried fish

legendary fry

Fried fish? If you don’t go to the Barcelona Mecca of fried food, the Creator will take it into account at the gates of heaven. Don’t play with the sacred, firewood, rush to silver and soak up a historical from Barcelona, the most famous bar with fewer tapas in Barcelona. The king of the four options on the letter is that fresh fish and succulent that they fry with mastery, with many gallons. A bite that has given them World Fame and is complemented by pinchos, anchovies and salad who sign their offer. The world sucks, yes, but we will always have La Plata. Merce, 28.

ham croquette

ham cream

The croquettes of Coure, Topic, succulent or nairod if tonight you’re willing to pay a little more. You will hardly find more pieces select. However, my favorite ham croquette leaves the young kitchen of Maleducat, a house of meals and tapas with a Catalan background, a miraculous stew, very powerful flavors -I still remember its tendons- and a lot of creativity with meaning. In its tapas section, some stately acorn-fed Iberian ham croquettes stand out: they melt in your mouth, not in your hand. The batter is playful and the interior, very elaborate, spills into your soul, like a torrent of ham cream. Pig ecstasy guaranteed. Meek, 54.


Chicken Brothers

Caps 24, bonanova, Joy Bar, the stall, there are so many Russian salads that are worth trying in Barcelona that I have opted for a different, original, amazing variation. We go to the tapas restaurant and dishes with Italian grounds counter currentthere awaits us a cult salad which is already an icon of the house and has a crazy Catalan twist. A chicken salad a l’ast. You have read well. The roast chicken, well accompanied by the vegetables of the day, becomes the star of the show. The mayonnaise tastes like chicken a l’ast. There are juices, fats, chunks and even greaves of chicken skin. And a chimichurri of the chef as the icing. One of those salads that change lives. Ribes, 35.

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sorian speed

Made broth? The soriana energy bars They will give you back your lost vigor. my favorites are in The Viti Tavern and if they put them in the tank of a rocket we would reach Mars in half an hour. We talk about a Mr Torrezno from Soria of supreme quality, freshly fried, about to touch perfection with the tips of the hooves. Crunchy and explosive crust. Juicy interior, pregnant with porcine flavor. Grease, crust and oil to the fullest. They’re so addictive that sharing them hurts like a stab in the cholesterol. Paseo de Sant Joan, 62.


spicy glory

Impossible to determine which are the best bravas in Barcelona. doMr. Vermouth? dothe pig? doBar Omar? Yes to everything. However, I play it with a not so well-known option that drives me crazy. the braves of Sant Antoni Gloriosthe same place that rescued the famous bravas from the extinct Bohemian and that has given another twist to the recipe betting on sour potato and a new red sauce without meat! insanely good. Everything is fine: the frying of the potato (crispy on the outside, tender on the inside), the gradation of the spicy, the brutal red sauce and the pinch of alioli. You’ll order a medium bar to mop up the puddle of juices. Manso, 42. Instagram: @sant_antoni_glorios

preserves and chips

Between bags and cans

Don’t freak out. If you want quality preserves at fair prices and with an extra bit of creativity, in the Morro Fi They will know how to take care of you with their own brand vermouth productsone of the most reliable teams for lovers of preserves and chips. And together both worlds because in Morro Fi they put you in a bowl with their thick chips as a base, they add canned firecrackers, olives and whatever falls. And to top it off, they spray the invention with a good dose of appetizer sauce. Eating a pickled mussel using a fork chip is priceless. Any ideas to lower the food bolus? The vermouth of the housethat everything has to be told to you. Consell de Cent, 171. Saragossa, 66. L’Illa Diagonal. Bonanova, 105.

grilled chuck

perfect dessert

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At yeti barlittle rogue brother of the restaurant bonanovait rains well-made, recognizable tapas, those of a lifetime with a twist of undeniable quality that translates into excellent classic bravasa magnificent russian with anchovies or a heavenly book. But we will focus on your star dessert, the best way to crown a tapas ‘tour’ like this one. The artifact is a delicious grilled pooch, warm, soaked in his own sweat and with a mountain of cream to confuse. Unique in its kind. You will order two. Plaza Bonanova 6. Instagram: @meatbondigable

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