Where to listen to organ concerts in Barcelona, ​​the instrument of God?

  • An almost secret journey that offers impressive musical experiences

All instruments need to be played to stay fit, and the organ is no exception. Beyond the liturgy, parishes often host organ concerts throughout the year. Barcelona Cathedral has the only stable organ cycle in the city. The next concert, by Jordi Pajares, will take place on the 15th. There, in addition to the most colorful organ, there is another in the chapel of Santo Cristo de Lepanto, an organ from 1700 that is wonderful. From the archdiocese of Barcelona, ​​they highlight the “revaluation of the organ both on a patrimonial, artistic and musical level.”

In recent years the number of newly built, restored or rebuilt organs has increased using some existing pieces. In churches such as Santa Maria del Remei de les Corts, La Mercè and Santa Maria del Mar there are occasional concerts. And in the Museum of Music there are three pieces that are authentic jewels that host concerts. Joan Seguí will play the baroque organ Pérez Molero in a concert with percussionist Pere Olivé (April 11). Juan de la Rubia looks after the organ in the basilica of the Sagrada Familia and the one in the crypt, a Cavaillé-Coll that has been accompanying the liturgy since March and that after the signing of an agreement may be used by the students of the Esmuc to study. There they calculate to do two concerts a year apart from the music that accompanies the liturgy.

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At the Palau de la Música, the romantic organ will be the star of a concert by Benjamin Alard on March 6 with works by Bach, including the famous ‘Tocata y fuga en Re’. “The Walcker organ is very active. It is integrated into many choral concerts and other Bach concerts, not only in solo organ recitals, we try to do different things”, explains Mercedes Conde, deputy artistic director of the Fundació Orfeó-Palau. As an example, the concert ‘Bach & forward’, an experiment in Bachian improvisation with De la Rubia and the pianist Marco Mezquida that will return on June 14. In Gaudí’s Palau Güell you can also enjoy a unique organ that is worth discovering.

What organ lovers and music lovers do not understand is that the Auditori de Barcelona still does not have an organ despite being contemplated in the original project of the Moneo building.


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