Where to have a scary time: the best Halloween plans in Barcelona

Get ready to scream like Shakira at a notification from the Treasury. The most terrifying time of the year is here: Halloween, All Saints, the Day of the Dead or whatever you prefer to call this cultural conglomerate that is celebrated all over the world with more corpses than the judicial process of the Gürtel plot. It is the same that you are more of horror movies, the witch’s tunnel, zombie invasions or costume parties, in Barcelona you will have a great time.

‘Scream park’

Horror park

Although theme parks promise screams 365 days a year, especially if you suffer from vertigo, it is at the end of October when they become true pinnacles of terror. Of course, thanks to a busy schedule full of haunted houses, witch tunnels and ‘escape rooms’ worthy of Jamie Lee Curtis’ filmography.

In addition to the classic Halloween shows from the Tibidabo (until November 1) and Port aventura (until the 14th), come back Horrorland, the «first scream park in Spain». This time, with a new format: invading Fantasy Island (Vilassar de Dalt) with all kinds of scenes of terror, from a cannibal jungle to a prison full of lunatics. Until November 6.

Catalonia in Miniature it also promises a Halloween to match. On October 30, 31 and November 6, the park will become Halloween Scary Valley, a replica of the most recurrent nightmares of the Spanish. And no, don’t expect a miniature SEPE office, but tours full of monsters and ghosts.

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Halloween with family

Decaffeinated fear

Halloween is not just screaming horror, there are also innocent family-friendly scares. For example, the cycle Halloween in the Village, in Poble Espanyol (Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia, 13), which, until November 21, will bring costume contests, shows, inflatables, a cemetery with the undead, photocalls and craft workshops every weekend.

This Friday and Saturday also comes to Westfield The Machinist (Potosí, 2) a decaffeinated Halloween suitable for all audiences, which includes workshops such as face painting, goldsmithing and pumpkin decoration.

Halloween ‘all night long’

Partying among ghosts

Don’t be fooled by urban legends, the best place to meet ghosts is not the Tórax Hospital, but the nightclubs. And even more so after so many months of pandemic without a good party, which is causing real night pilgrimages. Of course, the return of nightlife to coincide with Halloween can only be synonymous with one thing: party, party, party.

This Sunday, the 31st, the Razzlloween of Razzmatazz (Almogàvers, 122) and the Churros with chocolate, Apolo’s Sunday afternoon party (Nou de la Rambla, 113), which celebrates a Halloween themed edition. There is also the Halloweek de Pachá (Ramon Trias Fargas, 2), which has been nonstop horror nights since Tuesday.

If you prefer to spend the night fleeing from frightening creatures (and no, we are not talking about the heavy ones that enter you at 3 in the morning), Zone Zero organizes Until sunrise, a survival adventure that will last from the night of the 30 until the sun rises on Halloween. “The Barnasud de Gavà shopping center will be stained with blood,” promises the company, which has enabled its facilities so that up to 300 players will spend until dawn fighting for their lives.

Cinephile horror

Projections with scares

Another classic that cannot be missed on Halloween: those horror movies that make you scream until your voice is more ragged than Joan Jett. On the 31st, the Phenomena Experience (Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168) offers several sessions of enveloping horror: at 3:45 p.m., a screening of ‘The Bride of Frankenstein’, and, at 10 p.m., a double surprise Halloween program.

In all the Chinese They offer the Halloween pack to binge while you watch ‘Halloween Kills‘, the latest installment in the Michael Myers saga, or’Venom: there will be carnage‘, the hybrid between horror, comedy and superheroes. And if you don’t want to spend a single euro to spend the whole movie covering your face with your hands, post-apocalyptic cinema on the 31st in Calabria 66 (Calàbria, 66), which will screen ‘Mad Max: Fury on the road’ with free admission. For shorter (but just as intense) sessions, the shorts of the Fantastic and Horror Short Film Festival, which celebrates its twelfth edition at the Antic Teatre (Verdaguer i Callís, 12). With screenings ranging from psychological horror to fantastic ‘thriller’, you’ll end the day without nails.

Day of the Dead

Celebrate it Mexican

And on these dates you can not miss the Mexican plans, celebrating the Day of the Dead. The best place to do it? At Taller Balam (Pàdua, 25), whose name, of Mayan origin, already says it all: here they idolize Mexican culture. Until the 30th, you can find a Day of the Dead altar and an exhibition by the Mexican artist Alejandro Popoca in which he reflects on death and its acceptance. In addition, this Friday, 29, at 5:00 p.m., there is a workshop to paint your mexican skull, and next Thursday, the 4th, mezcal tasting until fire comes out of the mouth. One afternoon in this art gallery, and you will end up running to the Sagrada Família to buy a Mexican hat at a souvenir stall.

Haunted sport

Change the ‘om’ to the ‘bu’

This Halloween, the Sierra de la Marina will look like the cyclist remake of Los autos locos: el Meetup Barcelona Road Cycling Group organize a costume party by bike in the mountains of Badalona and Tiana. It will be from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m., “taking advantage of the change in time and we can see each other earlier,” recalls Alicia, the organizer. But above all, he cautions that any testosterone-packed athlete who wants to live out their ‘Fast and Furious’ fantasy stay home: “It’s a walk, not a run.” So do not be afraid, the only possibility that the girl from the curve will appear will be because she wants to participate in the route.

More haunted sport. Another Meetup, Mamut Hiking, he will go to Montseny, where he will spend all Halloween day hiking and telling urban legends of the region. Of course there will be a yincana fantasmagórica following the story of a young woman who died in those forests. Mountaineering, fresh air and autumn colors, all marinated with an adventure worthy of ‘Crims’.

Shadow here, shadow there

Fantastic makeup

It is clear that this year the star costume will be the red jumpsuit and the mask of ‘The Squid Game’, but if you are one of those who make costumes, this ‘look’ will know you little by little. Get inspired by makeupfluencers fantasy, like Nuria Adraos, a 21-year-old Valencian who, with 4 million followers on TikTok alone, is one of the most influential artists in our country. In fact, your feed is already loaded with iconic Halloween makeup to draw inspiration from. Thus, you are sure to paint at any party.

Plan B in case your skills with the brush are worse than those of Cecilia Giménez, that of ‘Ecce Homo’: the horror makeup workshops, like the one that will be in the Old Theater (Verdaguer i Callís, 12), which not only organizes the short film festival, but also a market with horror and makeup paraditas. Or the face painting workshop of CC El Sortidor (Plaza del Sortidor, 12), suitable for the whole family.

The Catalan classic

Long live the Castanyada

Yes, Halloween seems more American than ‘Rambo’, and that’s why you only celebrate the Chestnut. And, of course, in Barcelona you also have a dozen plans at your fingertips to celebrate it. In addition to getting together with your family and making the ‘panellets’ together, as tradition dictates, try one of the novelties of this year: the square panellets from l’Atelier (Viladomat, 140) which, ironically, will help you achieve that the evening will be round.

But if you are going to celebrate the Castanyada, they cannot be missed, worth the redundancy, the chestnuts. In each neighborhood of the city there is a stall where you can buy the typical chestnut paperina. Although worthy of mention is the one in Aribau with Gran Vía, the place of Montserrat Izquierdo, one of the longest-lived chestnut trees in the city: it has been adding fuel to the fire since 1978.

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