Where to flirt without Tinder in Barcelona

Your New Year’s resolution was, one more New Year’s Eve, find love. But after months of slipping right in Tinder, your plan for a paired Sant Jordi fell apart. And not only because of the torrential rains, but because it is clear that your better half is not waiting for you a ‘match’ away. Yes, it’s time to go out and actively look for love. This is the surefire route to getting the phone number for your next love story.

the ride begins in the supermarket. Yes, shopping. If Hollywood teaches us anything, it is that love hides even in the corner of the delicatessen while you buy bologna. And now that the mask is not mandatory, you will no longer run the risk of giving yourself little looks and then being disappointed when you take it off. What supermarket do you go for a walk in? While you’re at it, go to the plastic-free groceriesWhat Yes Future (Viladomat, 66), bulk (Entença, 191) or The Safareig (Santa Eugenia, 5). And so you make sure that your next date is also climate conscious.

or try on cultural settings. Typical: you collide, the folder falls, and while you pick up the papers your hands touch. The best place to recreate this ‘teen’ movie topic? The Library of Catalonia (Hospital, 56), which not only has incredible architecture, but also has The jardiideal tapas bar to start the idyll with a drink.

Another classic: the museums. Obviously you can try the main exhibition centers in the city, such as the MNACthe CaixaForum or the CCCB. But nothing better than a small art gallery where it is impossible to avoid eye contact to force fate. stop by the DNA Gallery (Mallorca, 205): modest, intimate and with alternative exhibitions to the mainstream circuits to let go of each other’s buttons until they end up getting caught.

The cultural route of love continues in the neighborhood projects Y cooperative and self-managed spaces. For example, The Cinematika (Fabra i Puig, 28), a feminist social center with dozens of activities where you can meet people with the same interests as you. EITHER Can Batllo (Constitució, 19), a very similar space self-managed by the residents. There is also the Unusual Project (Paloma, 5), a center with live music, recitals, classes and film forums in the Raval.

If you are one of those who prefers to end up sweating and panting on the first date, nothing better than going to meet your partner at Gym. If the touch makes love, of Fight club (Casp, 147), center specializing in martial arts, a lot of romance should come out. And if what you are looking for is a love that goes like silk, try slipping between the aerial fabrics in Onair (Peter IV, 99), Acrobatics School by Xevi & Eli (Sant Joan Bosco, 53) or feeling woman (Zamora, 68).

Another sport that, of course, cannot fail in a list about love is the favorite of Tinder users: the climbing. sites like Block District (Zamora, 96) or Sharma Climbing (Marroc, 206) promise an experience to match. He too Excursionist Club of Gràcia (Mulet, 4) and the Excursionist Center of Catalonia (Sant Pere Més Alt, 29) have climbing wallsin addition to excursions where you can meet other ‘singles’ willing to venture into love.

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And lastly, the quintessential place where you can peek at each other until they pass you their Instagram: the pubs. According to modern and ‘influencers’ alert, the ‘place to be‘ right now they are The chicken (Tiger, 31) and bull bar (Sant Vicenç, 13), which coincide in the name of the animal and the bareto aesthetic of a lifetime. Very close, the favorite street to go to bars: Joaquin Costa. drop by him 33/45 (4), Olympic (25) or Two Schmuks (52). And if you’re looking for a little more atmosphere LGBTIthe Candy Darling (Grand Via, 586). Prepare a good ‘look’, walk along this route, and next Sant Jordi you won’t have to give yourself a rose.

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