Where to find secret gardens in Barcelona

The spring the sap alters. When the city blooms, nothing like giving in to the adventure of discovering new green explosions and courtyards in bloom. Barcelona jealously guards some fascinating hidden gardens to the gaze of common mortals. These vegetable displays they are hidden behind hotel lobbies, exquisite shops, discreet billboards and charming bars. It is necessary to cultivate the curiosity of the walker to discover these amazing blooms and unexpected thickets of vegetation.

1. The neighborhood flourishes

Silence, it can be pruned

The Garden of Silence (Encarnació, 62) is not only a paradise of foliage, it also represents the great victory of the neighborhood against real estate voracity. East urban orchard of more than a thousand square meters continues to germinate thanks to the local response of the Save the Garden Associationwhich prevented it from being converted into building land to maintain the green area.

As a natural parenthesis that opens between the little streets of Funny, the Jardí causes astonishment in the distracted passers-by, who appear through the fence fascinated by its tremendous exhibition of biodiversity. Although the open days are Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 3pm, it’s easy to be let in any other day if you ask. The sun shines radiantly Cactus of the entrance. The earth opens and forks, with the soil colonized by pots and plants on Both Sides. As we advance, we contemplate small semi-covered terraces, birdhouses and lamps spread over logs, plus its fascinating new vertical garden. By the time we get to the exciting wisteria pergola that leads to its central source we have forgotten what century we live in.

This open-air civic center hosts activities such as Aztec dance sessions, plant exchangesguided tours for schools, poetry recitalsclasses of hatha-yoga outdoors and botanical descriptions of a biologist. By the way: if you feel like the mother of the world just by watering your geranium, here willing hands wanted to take care of the garden and promote respect for nature.

Recently, Gràcia can celebrate another great victory. Very close to the Jardí del Silenci, the Gardens of l’Encarnacio. Known for sheltering a bicentennial oak tree protected for years by the Salvem l’Alzina association, this new space is open to the public with the idea of ​​involving the neighborhood in its maintenance, and giving rise to socio-cultural and environmental activities. It is infinitely pleasing to lie back on the back of the wooden platform that protects the roots of the oldest tree in the city and listen to the children playing around you.

2. Yards with roots

vegetable cloisters

In the depths of the Gothic, it is necessary to sharpen the senses to perceive the oasis of tranquility that hides the Ateneu Barcelona (Canuda, 6). On the upper floor of this cultural association located in the Palau Savassona and founded in 1860 we find a colonial courtyard presided over by a central pond. All around, leafy flowerbeds and tall palm trees decorate inspired conversations. An monument to greenery exclusive for members.

Where all kinds of fauna gather is around the graceful flora of the terrace-garden of the everlasting Antic Theater (Verdaguer i Callís, 12). Representation of the interior gardens of the nineteenth-century palaces of the city, now its beautiful fig tree shades the swarming beer in those plastic chairs on which not a few quotes from Tinder will have been forged.

Although after the pandemic the Cafè d’Estiu has not recovered, the recollection offered by the courtyard of the Museum Frederic Marès (Plaza de Sant Iu, 5) continues to be sensational for mental nomads. Between the arches and centuries-old stones of the old Royal Palace you can calm down contemplating fruit trees, and while you’re at it, exchange glances with pupils from other countries.

3. Hotels with fragrance

exquisite greenery

Luxury and amenities are all very well, but discovering the great secret show of a garden in the interstices of a hotel is priceless. Close to Passeig de Gràcia, the Hotel Alma (Mallorca, 271) has a magnificent terrace in a courtyard that is hidden behind its wide entrance. After the friendly welcome at the door, we advance to an open sky of dim lights. We take a turn and stumble upon your stupendous lounge bar of comfortable sofas, but what really makes us open our mouths is the garden that we access from here. a lovely outdoor lounge presided over by the vivid tones of the pittospores and large banana trees around which the tables and chairs with cushions are distributed. Quite a gift from bushy chill that can be enjoyed with a drink until 11 at night.

The first time you walk through the lobby of the Hotel Petit Palace Boqueria Garden (Boqueria, 10) and go up the stairs that take you to the Gardens of the Ignacio Puig House you feel like Indiana Jones discovering the remains of a lost civilization. This forgotten Eden dates back to 1861 and is spread over two levels, with cinnamon trees, laurels and seas of ribbons overflowing with greenery The sound of the water from its grotto-shaped fountains makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the Rambla. Tiled walkways, benches and decks are ideal for the brooding stroller. But without a doubt this harmonious setting is perfect for a first date. Imagine stealing a kiss on that romantic balustrade.

4. Sheets between sheets

flowery bookstore

Give with that arcadia of awnings, pots, palm trees and bougainvillea which is the interior terrace of the bar of La Central del Raval (Elisabets, 6) It is like daydreaming. After reviewing authors and shelves, you leave the bookstore and you take refuge in your reading. Under the shelter of the fabulous fronds of the gardens of the old House of Mercy you access an indescribable fullness. Nature responds exuberantly to daylight hours, you have finally bought that book you wanted so much and the swaying of the shadows of the leaves on the page you are reading makes you feel that the day is full of possibilities. That, and that not every day there is a place on this voluptuous terrace.

5. Horta Blooms

spring cocktail

Far from the center and the masses of tourists, the Torre Rosa cocktail bar (Francesc Tàrrega, 22) is still Horta-Guinardó’s best kept secret. Pour the vermouth of the weekend in your outdoor garden under the shade of a palm while we gloat contemplating that ornate centenary mansion of the old neighborhood of the indianos and remove the pebbles from the ground is pure pleasure. If you dare to have a gin and tonic with citrus from the garden itself you will feel like a diva from old Hollywood.

Not far from there bar samba brazil (Santes Creus, 20) turns the nights of Horta into a verbena always in flower. His psychedelic inner garden is a perky mix of Andalusian patio Y tropical spread. Drinking a caipirinha and moving your little body under its vegetal limbo is a trip to all the summers of your life. Oh, and don’t do like Juanes: put on the matching shirt.

6. Look to the bottom

Paradise in a store

There are still clueless people who do not know the exciting interior garden of the modernist residence Houses-Carbo (Paseo de Gràcia, 96), which today houses the headquarters of the Massimo Dutti chain. I tell you: once in the store, go past the sections of fashion accessories and go up the stairs until you discover the fabulous window that reveals the generous patio. From there, a glorious parade of huge pots classic tiles a large central tree and the broad delight of contemplating this collection of plants in subterfuge. There are those who take advantage of the calm to wait for the shopping couple, who burst their Instagram without the need for flowery filters and who simply sits in search of the inspiration that the artists found in this house Ramon Casas and Santiago Rusiñol. Everything is fine, but beware: if you go out to the garden with bags from the store, the alarms will go off, and the natural serenity will be damned.

7. Garden a la carte

blooming bars

The bar is our favorite refuge in the city, but some locals seem to surrender completely to the wild kingdom. Having a drink where the flora seems to want to erase all traces of civilization is possible in few places. The most famous of all is the The Garden Bar (Hospital, 56), located in the courtyard of the Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu. Its jungle terrace is always packed. To be at ease, nothing like having an omelette the ikas (Perla, 22) in her illuminated patio overflowing with plants. The Liadísimo Bar (Guillem Tell, 23-25) also seduces with its wide wild terrace and the songs of birds.

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living in a asphalt jungle, it is convenient to go to meet corners conquered by leaves and flowers. As hidden as they are. Forever in search of the green heart.

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