Where to buy last minute Christmas gifts?

The Christmas they have arrived. There are days until Christmas Eve. And although the invasion of Christmas lights has been warning us for weeks, one more year we have left the last minute shopping. So grab your purse and hit the streets. Or these holidays the only king to come will be the emeritus. Don’t you know what to give? Here is a list that neither the one of Santa claus.

For the otaku

Geek merchandising

In every family there is an otaku. Surely, because the K3 bombarded the children of the 80s and 90s with so much encouragement that now they develop in Japanese culture with more ease than Rajoy in the Kitchen commission. Therefore, the first stop on the last minute shopping tour is the Maldà Galleries (Portaferrissa, 22), the nucleus of Barcelona’s geek culture where, among others, is the Nintienda, a place entirely dedicated to Nintendo. Or, plan B, Norma Comics (Paseo de Sant Joan, 9), the nerve center of the so-called geek triangle of Barcelona.

And if you want to give away clothing inspired by ‘mangaka’, you have Madame Chocolate (Ronda de Sant Pere, 68), a store with a style between gothic lolita and k-pop, or Pampling (with several locations in the city), more aimed at anime prints.

For the little kitchens

Finger licking

We all know one: the one who claims to make better croquettes than Grandma. To make her culinary repertoire match her vanity, give away cooking classes. For example, those of Cook&Taste (Paradís, 3), near Plaça de Sant Jaume. Or those of the Hofmann (l’Argenteria, 74), ranging from sushi to pastries. And in Poblenou, those of Lov Ferments (Pallars, 85), to learn how to make kombucha, beer and fermented products. And even an option to do the course without leaving home: Ohle boss He sends you the ingredients and top chefs give you a streaming masterclass. And pull, to the stove.

For the student

wasting ink

Next stop: two of the cutest stationers in Barcelona: Entropy (Aribau, 127) and Raima (Comtal, 27), “the largest in Europe”, according to their owners. Reloading notebooks, pens and highlighters to the college nephew who, poor thing, has exams in January, so he will have a more hectic party than a family reunion of the Roys from ‘Succession’.

For the athlete

Beyond ‘crossfit’

Every January 1 we all say the same thing: this year, yes, yes, we signed up for the gym. Maybe in 2020 you had the covid as an excuse, but now it no longer works. And even more so seeing that relative of yours who promised to play sports and has had little consideration with the rest of the procrastinators to keep his word.

To force yourself to exercise and also give him a Christmas detail, give him a class in one of the fashionable sports (and join as his +1). For example, indoor climbing, the star sport of Tinder, in Sharma Climbing, with climbing walls in the Kisses (Marroc, 206) and in Gavà (the largest center in Spain).

What has vertigo? Well then give away sessions of yoga on the Palace terrace (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 668), which are also up to par. Enrollments in Fever, co-organizers with Sparkling (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 692).

For the movie maker

Give whoever

Two messages were exchanged on Tinder and in his mind they were already with a mortgage, dog and children. We all know that absurdly filmic person whose life would overshadow Cameron Díaz’s filmography. To start the year by watching movies and not making them, give away movies. For example in Cineaddicte (St. Louis, 40) y Instant Videos (Viladomat, 239), two of the last video stores in Barcelona, ​​where you can buy, rent or, in the latter, even reserve a private room for all kinds of films.

If you prefer to take a walk between stops, the Sunday of Sant Antoni it opens from 8.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. around the Sant Antoni Market (Comte d’Urgell, 1). Surely you will find great classics of the seventh art.

Or you can always buy a subscription to the Film library (Salvador Seguí, 1), which cost between 60 and 90 euros, depending on age. Or join the club Phenomena (Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 168), which has a promotion of two cards for 70 euros.

For the newly moved

New year, new house

And for those who decided to conclude 2021 with a move, the gift is easy: a ‘pongo’. Yes, those useless objects that can only be described as: “Where do I put it?” Of course, since you give one, make it nice. The specialists in these souvenirs are Chandal (Tantarantana, 16) y Fantastic (Joaquín Costa, 62), with vintage objects of all kinds, use and nationality that would make any shelf at MoMA.

Another option, which is also DIY: send them to a pottery workshop, that they stain their hands as if they were in ‘Ghost’ and that they make their own vase or cup. For example in Bcn Clay Studio (Providence, 57) y Ceramic Shape (Enamorats, 78). It is the 2 in 1 plan, they entertain themselves all afternoon and they make the gift themselves. Thus, if they do not like the result, you will not have to sing the mea culpa by giving them the return ticket.

For the globetrotter

Travel the globe

Since the pandemic began, no more collecting visas as if you were Thanos with the infinity stones. Now, the most exciting trip has been to the vaccination center. For all those who have the idea of ​​catching a plane to the other side of the world in a totally improvised way, give them a world globe of Monimoon (Pau Alsina, 55), a bookstore that sells them in abundance. They will have the world in the palm of their hand, ready to go through it with a single turn of the wrist.

Or if you want to cure their nostalgia to fly, there is always the option to change the globe for a hot air balloon. Balloon Flights (Montsió, 10) organizes plans to feel like Willy Fog, with an aerial tour around Montserrat and a country breakfast included.

For the esoteric

Tarot, stones and chakras

Did he warn you to be careful with your exes because we were in Mercury retrograde? Did he tell you not to argue with a Taurus? That you do not trust that Capricorn? Surely you already know who we are talking about: that friend more mystical than Herbs. Well, you already have a gift: stop by You live from the Cortada (Ciutat, 7), which has been selling all kinds of stones since 1976 to regulate chakras and cleanse energies.

But if you are worried about what 2022 holds, travel to the future without the DeLorean: do it with it tarot. Some of the Barcelona classics, the Tarot Study Barcelona (Birds, s / n), the Tarot Carmen (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 839) o The Magic Dragonfly (Corsega, 605). And let’s see if, throwing the cards, you start the new year with an ace up your sleeve.

For the crazy cat

A feline gift

“I’m in a toxic relationship,” said a tweeter, accompanied by a photo of his hand, full of wounds, and the culprit, his cat. Surely the only unhealthy relationship approved by your psychologist. For all the crazy felines, La Llama Store (Villarroel, 34), among many other humorous objects, sells a cat phrenology kit to read your cat’s mind. This way you will understand what is going through his head while he ignores your call. They are also Store Sound (Fusina, 6) and CatSHOP … by ADiRA (Consell de Cent, 589), where you will find so much ‘merchandising’ of cat-lovers that you could turn your entire block into the cat equivalent of a football club.

For the heavy brother-in-law

Time to switch jokes

Every time she tells a joke, a new wave of feminism awakens with the force of a tsunami. Beside him, even Bertín Osborne appears Judith Butler. Obviously, we’re talking about the public enemy of family dinners: the brother-in-law and his artillery of mothball-scented jokes.

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For him, it touches coal. Or, if you prefer a less passive-aggressive gift, in La Llama Store (Villarroel, 34) have prayer candles with Seinfeld characters, among other comedians. Let him light one at the mass of the rooster, to see if with a little luck, the Christmas miracle of this year is that he manages to give you a smile.


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