Each June 28th is celebrated on Pride worldwide. And, one more year, Barcelona joins the festivities. Friday and Saturday, the pride! bcn organize on the avenue Maria Cristina the Village, a small festival with concerts, activities, food and drink to remember the LGTBI memory with party and fun. They will play, among others, Aqua, Javiera Mena, La Zowi and Luna Ki. Activities include, for example, the mythical career in heels on the 24th, and the next day, in the morning, the Village will be filled with activities for LGTBI families. On Saturday, the 25th, it will start in Paral lel avenue the demonstration, with music, floats and a show.

More party: the yassfor the LGTBI public, celebrates Pride in the Safari (Tarragona, 141) with a double room, pop and ‘house’. There is also the Churros with chocolateof the Apollo (Nou de la Rambla, 113), which doubles pride. Saturday, Pride party in the big room, and concert by slayyyter in the antichurros. Sunday, ‘closing party‘ from Pride Weekend, with Josh Caffe DJing at the anti-churros. And, also Sunday, Sidecar (Plaza Reial, 7) welcomes Scoundrela ‘queer’ italodisco party.

And the most vindictive planhand in hand with the platform 28J Autonomous. Today, Friday, a demonstration along the Rambla to claim decent living conditions for the group, Saturday, at 12 noon in the Sant Jaume Squarean act against transmisogyny, and on the 28th, a anti-capitalist party to close the week of claims.

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Party L’Proud, which has been programming cultural activities with LGTBI identity and experiences since May as the backbone in facilities throughout the city, reaches its final fireworks. On the 28th, it will conclude with the Gala l’Proudon the Montjuïc Olympic ringwhich from 5:00 p.m. and until midnight, will fill the space with concerts with names like Maria Arnal and Marcel Bagés, Rodrigo Cuevas and Putochinomaricón.


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