When things go wrong

These are days of happy consensus in the always fractured Barça universe. We all agree that Xavi It is the best possible option to try to sew this torn suit that Barça currently wears. During his presentation, he did nothing more than ratify that comforting feeling that pure and authentic Barcelona fans will now sit on the bench at the Camp Nou.

It remains to be seen how this unanimity of today is reflected with the defeats of tomorrow. How we who speak and write from different tribunes think, or how impatient fans react, even those capable of pounding the car of the Wembley myth, or how the president and the soundboard of his environment carry their frustration. As always, the reaction that counts is the one seen in adversity. And this, as Xavi remarked, is a difficult club.

From the lectern where he and Laporta Two messages were transmitted that could seem contradictory but that well managed, they are not. On the one hand, the marketing ideas that touched on were highlighted: at Barça it is not worth a draw, at Barça we must seek excellence, at Barça it only serves “to win, win and win”, according to the new coach with echoes of Luis Aragones.

But at the same time a realistic audit was made of how everything is. It was convenient for him to emerge from the presidency. “It is difficult for him.” “It is a team that is yet to be made.” “He has a ballot that is not easy.” They were necessary phrases of Laporta. And the most relevant: «When things go wrong you will have our support. And when they go wrong again, he will continue to have our support. Enthusiasm and sobriety for a project that Xavi measured in the medium-long term.

Call to order

It is not a question of lowering expectations, of being absolutely uncritical of him, but in the coming months it will be time to be more excited by what is sensed, by what is guessed, than by what happens on the pitch and the scoreboard. Because from the outset it will have to be invented to two extremes that it does not have now, and surely they will be extremes to which the dribble will not come out. And the same happens with other pieces that he lacks for his game model, either due to an imbalance in the squad or due to the accumulation of injuries.

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In any case, in his first game, that of the presentation, he thrashed. His enthusiasm and passion were contagious. A great communicator this Xavi. He transmitted closeness and naturally touched all the buttons of Barcelona’s sensibility. Of course, there are reasonable doubts about his strength to, for example, retire his friends from the locker room if the time comes to do so. But he promised to put order and rules, in what seemed a more or less veiled message to Gerard Piqué and some more. “You have to be more professional than ever,” he remarked. One would say Cruyff and Guardiola they would put the signature under such a phrase. We started well, then.


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