What’s wrong with the President? Stupidity

Who can wish President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to do badly? Perhaps a few, because the majority of ordinary citizens know that it would be stupid to want it, because it goes like a fair, when things go wrong for a President.

It could be understood that, as part of the narrative with which he confronts his opponents from the pulpit of the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, they use accusations of manipulating information about the crisis.

It is unfortunate that in the Palace they do not understand that ordinary citizens know that they are doing well if the President is doing well and, anguished by the economic and security crises, they become impatient when the only response is the campaign bandstand refrains.

Who promotes trade agreements?

It was said a few days ago that Mexican businessmen have sadly missed the tariff advantages offered by the framework of the Pacific Alliance, of which Mexico is a member.

It would not be the first time, but what the Government of the Republic does not explain is whether the Ministry of Economy, whose officials know the details of international agreements, has an office that disseminates its benefits.

It seems that in the government of the Transformation ideological cobwebs prevail that prevent even directing the PI to take advantage of the pacts and promote growth and create jobs. Go retro! radicals say.

Washington revives Moscow-Beijing axis

We Mexicans care about the circumstances of Russia’s inexcusable invasion of Ukraine, because beyond the geopolitical chess that is underway, Western measures, with electoral nuances, generate an economic crisis with global effects.

We do not know how this confrontation will end, which, in an oversight, could put the world on the brink of an undesirable war, but we do know of the paradoxes that it has meant for the White House.

Last February, it was half a century since Nixon resumed relations with China and placed the cradle that cooled relations between the two great communist powers. Fifty years later, Biden’s policy has already brought Moscow and Beijing closer together.


Much remains to be seen of the political damage that the Gertz Manero-Zaldívar-Scherer affair will cause… With all due respect, no one accuses the State of being guilty of the massacres committed by organized crime. By the way, the Michoacan government authorities are wrong. It turns out that there were clashes and four criminals died. Live God! Someone tell them that the slogan is that the lethality rate always wins over the thugs… Each time the president of the board of directors of the Chamber of Deputies Sergio Gutiérrez Luna credits his democratic quality and vocation of service to the 4T . He proposes an initiative that makes it legal for Morenoites, civil servants or not, to make propaganda for the “revocation of mandate” next April… Wow, now the defense of the environment is a matter of semantics, according to the Morenoite senators. They want the word “sustainable” to be changed to sustainable in the Constitution… John Kenneth Galbraith, an impeccable Democrat, was also a realist, which is why he said: “under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it is just the opposite.”

Joseph Fonseca

Political Journalist

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