What will the weather be like at Easter?

has already arrived Holy Week from 2022 and the meteorologists hit the Weather forecast. It will be a few days out of the ordinary in terms of weather and temperature: it will rain more than the normal values ​​for these dates and temperatures shoot up to 12 degrees due to the passage of a tropical surada.

Due to the Atlantic front that entered this Thursday through the northwest of the peninsula, the rainy will affect the western part of the Central Sistem during the Friday April 8, especially in much of Catalonia, while no precipitation is expected in the rest of the territory. That yes, the temperatures will drop in the Atlantic part of the Peninsula, the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean.

This Saturday there will be the entry of a tropical suradawhich will trigger the thermometers up to 12 degrees more regarding the normal values ​​that will soften the Diego storm, named by the French Meteorological Agency, which will leave strong gusts of wind, rainy and intense maritime storm in Galicia And in the Cantabrian communities.

Palm Sunday with up to 30 degrees

the day of Palm Sunday will elapse no precipitation, with high clouds Y warm environment thanks to the effects of surada. Inland and along the coast temperatures are expected to exceed 20 degrees and in Andalusia they could reach 30 degrees.

From Monday, April 11the input of a front will cause wind Y surf adverse in Galicia, the Cantabrian slope and in the Canary Islands. A flow of humid winds will also enter that will cause showers throughout the western peninsula.

The rains will extend to practically all of Spain on Tuesday and the winds will be from the northwest, so there will be a drop in temperatures and the surada will be history.

Given the Atlantic front that will cross the peninsula, they do not rule out snowfall in the Pyreneesin the Cantabrian mountain ranges and in the mountains of the peninsular southeast, although they will be at much higher levels than the snow that has fallen in recent days.

Stability as of Holy Thursday

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The storm will play an important role of instability between Wednesday and Saturday. Despite the gray skies, forecasts suggest that the risk of rain will decrease as the weekend and Mona Day approach. If there are rains, they will be in the northeast of Catalonia.

As of Thursday, the weather will be generally stable and temperatures will rise, with slightly cloudy skies and no precipitation. Only occasional rains or drizzles can occur in Galicia and the Cantabrian coast, where a moderate west wind will blow. In the rest, including both archipelagos, there will be light winds in general with a regime of breezes on the coasts.

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