What weather will it be for the festival of Sant Joan?

It is the shortest night, but also the most massively lived of the year. And this 2022In addition, it acts as a prelude to an extended weekend of three days.

Next Thursday is the festival of Sant Joanone night of firecrackers, coca and popular revelry in the streets. And it is precisely in this last aspect, that the majority of concentrations are held outdoors, that a growing interest, and even a slight concern, is already beginning to emerge about what weather we will have that night and the following three consecutive days off.

La verbena: cloudy on the coast, more unstable inland

Night of Clouds and clear in the littoral and pre-coastal. On the other hand, in inland areas, especially the Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees and west, it can be a verbena soaked in water. In Central Catalonia the cloudiness will be the protagonist. The temperatures during the verbena they will not drop below 20ºC on the coast and west, the weather will be warm but not suffocating. A little more cool at night is only expected in the towns of the western Pyrenees and Central Catalonia.

In short, for now the meteorological models present a verbena of unstable weather and with the risk of rain inside and, for now, benevolent to celebrate it in the open sky.

Instability arrives on Friday

It will not be first thing in the morning but rather as the day progresses, but what the current models are showing for now, and it must be specified that as the days go by the forecast will be adjusted and will be much more reliable, is that by Friday a band of heavy precipitation to Catalonia that would sweep almost the entire territory although they could be stopped at the height of the Prelitoral, with which the central coast could avoid its effects remarkably.

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On the other hand, from the south another band of rains of less intensity will attack the Terres de l’Ebre.

Temperatures would not be seriously affected, so the feeling of embarrassment due to humidity it will increase where the rains affect.

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