What is the Eurovignette, one of the reasons for the upcoming truckers’ strike?

The transport sector is on the warpath. A few days ago, the National Road Transport Committee announced a strike which would be extended for three days and which would occur just before Christmas, between December 20 and 22, to denounce “the state of abandonment” of the Government.

The committee explained that, after several years of negotiation around the claim package, with issues such as the prohibition of drivers from loading and unloading trucks, the non-implementation of the Eurovignette, the mandatory application of the fuel cost review clause and the construction of safe rest areas for professionals, the sector’s patience has run out. But what is the Eurovignette?

It’s about a toll system that applies to heavy road transport, and seeks to calculate the rate of payment of a large vehicle based on the distance it travels or the polluting emissions it produces. Its name is given by the sticker that is pasted on the front glass of the vehicle.

Environmental reasons

The Eurovignette was implemented byr environmental reasons and to be able to face the costs derived from the use of road infrastructures.

Related news

The governments of the European Union have approved the reform of the ‘Eurovignette’ with the aim of gradually replacing the rate calculated based on driving time with other factors that better capture the ecological footprint, such as distance or CO2 emissions.

The reform has been adopted as a point without discussion at the meeting of EU Finance Ministers (Ecofin) and must now also be approved by the European Parliament before it enters into force. When this happens, Member States will have two years to transpose it into their national legislation.


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