May and June 2021. The dates of the espionage with Pegasus to the mobile phones of the President of the Government, the President of the Generalitat, the Minister of Defense and more than fifty pro-independence leaders and activists coincide with very relevant moments in Spanish and Catalan politics last year. Events that, due to their importance, forced Pedro Sanchez Already Pere Aragones to be in regular contact. According to the judge who will investigate the ‘Pegasus case’, the intrusions on Sánchez’s cell phone occurred specifically on May 19 and 31, 2021.

Elections in Madrid

The month of May 2021 began with an eye on the Community of Madrid, which held elections on the 4th. Elections that won comfortably Isabel Diaz Ayuso and that caused the exit of the politics of paul churches as leader of United We Can, only two months after leaving the vice presidency of the Government to attend that appointment with the polls in which the purples suffered a new setback. The relief at the head of the purple party meant the irruption of Yolanda Diaz as the new visible face of the podemista sector of the Executive.

Negotiations in Catalonia

But the real political boiling point of those two months was Catalonia. The regional elections of February 14 had reinforced the pro-independence majoritybut they had also led to a overturn between ERC and Junts. The Republicans would preside over the Generalitat for the first time in eight decades as long as they managed to agree on a Government and a program with the Puigdemontistas. The deadline for invest Aragonès was about to expire and the agreement was not forthcoming. If at the end of May there was no ‘president’, the elections would be repeated.

The negotiations were not only waged in Catalonia, but also fully affected the stability of Sánchez in Congress, since ERC was his preferred partner and the ‘procés’ prisoners were still in jail. The agreement between Esquerra and JxCat on the conditions of the dialogue table became more complex with the leaders of 1-O still behind bars. The pardon applications they were being processed by the Ministry of Justice and it was assumed that the outcome was close, although it did not have a date.

Crisis with Morocco

In the middle of the Catalan stake he slipped Brahim Ghalithe general secretary of the Polisario Front that on April 21, 2021 he was hospitalized in Logroño in serious condition with covid. He was coming from Algeria on a plane and his entry under a false name for security reasons unleashed an unprecedented diplomatic crisis with Morocco that included the assault on the Ceuta fence of some 5,000 immigrants on May 18, a day before the attack on Sánchez’s cell phone. The Ministry of Defense, led by Robles, sent in the Army to try to contain the situation.

Morocco tightened the rope to the point of comparing the crisis in the Sahara with the Catalan independence process on may 31day of the second ‘hacking’ of the President of the Government’s device, who responded to the Rabat statement calling the “assault on the borders” “unacceptable”.

The judge of the National High Court Santiago Pedraz summoned to declare Ghali as investigated on June 1, in the framework of several complaints for alleged crimes of rape, murder, injuries, illegal detention, terrorism, torture, disappearances and crimes against humanity. But the telematic declaration from the hospital, the magistrate released him without precautionary measures and the leader of the Polisario Front was able to leave Spain.

Investiture and pardons

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The ERC-Junts coalition arrived in extremis and Aragonès was invested May 21th. The following week the composition of the Catalan Executive was known, with a more technical than political profile, and ERC then launched institutional contacts with Moncloa. The pardons took shape as of June, despite the fact that at the end of May the supreme court He slammed the door loudly (not binding) with a harsh report against it.

Sánchez made the announcement of the decision official, for the sake of “coexistence”, the June 21 In an act in Barcelona, ​​the next day the Council of Ministers approved commuting the sentences of the nine inmates and on the eve of Sant Joan they were all released.


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