What do you want women to do with the leadership positions of leadership?

Prejudices very arraigades and sesgos of gender are factors that continuously dominate by the talent and the results. These factors directly contribute to only 23% of the leadership positions in Latin America is occupied by womenagreed with the Ranking PAR Latinoamérica 2019.

Although there are already major interests in the themes of Gender inclusion on the part of companies –52% of the companies of the region have gender equality policies, following the difference listed–, we observe that in the talent attraction without incident the personal characteristics such as gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

What is happening now? The public policies are not formulated to facilitate that the women continue a working life and less than read in the media or in the media. In the wake of the pandemic crisis, according to experts from the PwC Consultant, the dedicated women’s daily 7.7 hours more in the activities of work without remunerationas the health of other persons, than men.

As far as male and female politicians are concerned, it is very important to increase the participation of women in the decision-making process in public life, since a federal or local congress. And clearly, it is also accompanied by best practices in the private initiative “.

Another factor is why women should not be allowed to have sex because of opportunities in their own right. There is no balance balance in the work on results. In many cases we are compensating for the personal characteristics and not the talent.

The lack of conviction of the benefits of the inclusion in closed areas and sectors is also an obstacle to the professional design of women and minorities. We need to make sure that this approach is positive for our organizations and our teams.

When he left talent development we avoid, for example, phrases like: “If equis persona is very good, pero me acabo de enterar que se va a casar”; “We want to promote, but I have to admit that it is embarrassing and we do not want to deceive”; “How do you see a director being gay?” We need all to be aware that inclusion is not a mode.

¿Empeoró el panorama la pandemia? Yes, by the way. Including the perfect excuse for, in some cases, to be different. Many organizations start to care more about the effect, to pay the bills, for the customers, for the credit. Get more involved with sorevivir than with tener work environments diverse, inclusive and respectful.

We understand that it is a good deal to have various teams. The companies with at least one woman in his executive committee ten mayor finance profitability (44%), agreed with a BID publication based on a McKinsey analysis. The teams with minorities represented by generic companies because they exist thought diversity. In addition, suelen cares more about the integration of the whole product chain, cares more about the customers, the testers and other collaborators.

Women and minors have the right to agree on our characteristics, preparation, design and results are more important than our gender and our personal life. We also have the right to follow the meaning of these themes within the organizations and the impacts on behaviors and in the decision-making process. Yes, although many of them are advanced on this topic, it’s important that men get involved, and that we all recognize that we have a problem with gender equality. We can no longer tap the sun with a dedo.


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