What Author Jenny Han Learned From All The Boys And Brought To The Summer I Got Pretty As Showrunner

When To all the boys I’ve loved before arrived on Netflix in 2018, many believed that the adaptation of the book launched a new era of romantic comedy with more diversity. Following the trilogy came to an end last year, all the boys Author Jenny Han brings us her first coming-of-age trilogy, called The summer I got pretty, to life through a streaming series, this time with a larger role as showrunner. As the series rolls around, Han shares what he’s learning about working in Hollywood.

The bestselling author served as executive producer on the all the boys movies, but for The summer I got pretty, which was his first YA book series, is serving as showrunner. While talking to Han, he talked about how Netflix movies affected his latest project.

I would say [I learned] so much so because he had never been on a film set before All The Boys. I think I learned how much filmmaking is a team effort and that you have to surround yourself with people who are really good at their jobs, who know things that you don’t. And that, I think, makes whatever you’re doing that much better.


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