What area of ​​Spain is equivalent to the area of ​​Ukraine invaded by Russia? | MAP

The russian troops continue their breakthrough in ukrainesince they started the invasion of neighboring country last February 24. So far, there is presence of the Russian Army in something more than one sixth of the Ukrainian territorybuthow much would it occupy in Spain the zone occupied by the Russian military in Ukraine?

Ukraine is the second largest country in Europe -only behind Russia-, with an area of ​​about 604,000 square kilometers. In this way, you have about 100,000kmtwo more than spainwhich is the fourth European state with the most territory, with approximately 506,000 kmtwo.

Specifically, according to Institute for the Study of Warfrom last February 24 to March 10, the presence of the Russian Army in Ukraine has reached the 110,000kmtwo, without counting the regions of crimea -with 26,000 kmtwo and which has been unilaterally annexed to Russia since 2014 – and the donbas -with 8,500 kmtwo and that it was already occupied by pro-Russian separatists.

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In this way, those 110,000 kmtwo of zone occupied by Russia in Ukraine until March 10 would be equivalent to a fifth of the Spanish territory. Specifically, it would be approximately the sum of Catalonia (32,107kmtwo), Valencian Community (23,255kmtwo), Aragon (47,719 kmtwo) and Navarre (10,391kmtwo).

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