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  • The main barrier that the second vice president has is the union of a space that has been atomized with each split and with each crisis

Acclaimed like few others in the Congress of Workers’ Commissions that re-elected Unai Sordo held this weekend, the vice president Yolanda Diaz it is becoming the most solid reference to the left of the PSOE. A woman almost unknown to the general public until she was appointed vice president and who, with her ability to forge agreements at the social dialogue table, her weighted but forceful responses to Teodoro Garcia Egea and his great facial expressiveness have managed to connect with the electorate to climb the podium of the best valued leaders. But be careful what Julio Anguita he was also the highest rated. In fact, he coined an expression that has gone down in history: “Love me less and vote for me more.”

With the space on the right in the process of consolidation (growth of the PP, consolidation of Vox and collapse of Ciudadanos), the unknown of the next electoral cycle focuses on the left, more especially, on the left of the left. The leadership of the space is clear. Nobody like Yolanda Diaz, which has two of the fundamental aspects of a competitive candidacy: the level of knowledge and the assessment. However, what is not so clear is how and with whom. The main barrier to his candidacy is the union of a space that has been atomized with each split, with each crisis & mldr; And since the founding of the purple space there have been few.

The presence of United We Can in the Government hides its main weakness, the lack of a solid and territorially structured party, the key factor to understand that the traditional parties will endure the challenge of the new ones. The picture of Yolanda Diaz It also makes up for the shortcomings of the organization that has allowed her to be a minister, but it should be remembered that not even she takes charge of it. This has been made clear in several ugly ones that go from his affiliation to the Communist Party to his absence in the Podemos congress that raised Ione Belarra. And then with whom? Because it’s called a platform, broad front, or constituency, Yolanda’s leadership needs something to lean on. Because, as the theory says, leadership is a strictly group phenomenon.

As ‘El Periódico de España’ advanced, Ada Colau, Teresa Rodriguez and other regional leaders would be willing to promote Díaz as a candidate for a common space. However, the first opportunity there is to try to form it, will in all probability, Andalusia, in which electoral tremors increase every day. It may be that the discretion is so absolute that a candidacy to the left of the PSOE of Juan Espadas and we are not finding out. But if it is what it seems, Yolanda Diaz is giving up on putting together a candidacy that puts order to the ‘tutti frutti’ acronym in the most populated autonomous community of Spain, and the one that will definitively mark, perhaps more than the Madrid elections, the next Spanish electoral cycle.

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Iñigo Errejón he realized in time that if he settled for creating Errejón’s party, he would be condemning his project to the expiration of his career. To avoid this, he empowered Monica Garcia, who already enjoys his own career and strengthens the brand More Madrid. Yolanda doesn’t even have Yolanda’s party. Its promoters have a romantic idea of ​​those who do not see in the union of the left the utopia of impossible dreams. Is it possible to generate that electoral platform in two years? In politics there is nothing impossible, but so that the ephemeral does not become the main enemy of politics, it is necessary to think about the aspects that make a candidacy something solid: the structure, the infrastructure and the superstructure. That is why the CCOO have just held their congress.


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