Welcome back to Arrakis, by Mónica Vázquez

The first time i saw ‘Dune‘was too small to understand what she was seeing. Arrakis absorbed me with its endless deserts and its terrifying giant worms, and Vladimir Harkonnen populated my nightmares for years, blocking the way for me to read the book so strongly recommended by my father, who introduced me to the world of science fiction with enthusiastic impatience.

The new version of ‘Dune’, directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson and an always impeccable Oscar Isaac, is now in theaters, inviting us to live again one of the most beloved stories in the science fiction genre. To celebrate such an occasion, I decided to face my fears with honors and watch the film in a room with 4DX technology. The seats moved to the rhythm of the camera, taking the body where the gaze went. The hidden fans enveloped us with the echo of the constant desert breeze. The screen chiseled the image in 3D, bringing us closer to a fictional space that is only habitable in the imagination, feeding the illusion of being within a foot of the protagonists. The action was inescapable, and the line that separates reality from fantasy became as fine as the spice that makes Arrakis the center of this story.

But if something took my breath away as we walked through this adaptation of Frank Herbert’s novel, it was the sound direction and the impressive soundtrack, from the hand of the unsurpassed Hans Zimmer, how could it be otherwise. Without revealing anything to those who have not yet seen the film, watching ‘Dune’ is quite an experience, but being able to immerse yourself in it with the help of 4DX technology is priceless.

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And yes, Vladimir Harkonnen, now in the shoes of Stellan Skarsgârd, continues and will always remain part of the almost infinite nightmare repertoire That seems to pile up without measure in my head. But what a movie, folks. Two and a half hours flying, and they leave you vibrating, expectant, impatiently waiting for the next installment.


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