Weightlifting World Cup in Thailand | A bronze medal for Maude Charron

(Montreal) Weightlifter Maude Charron had nothing to prove by going to the World Cup in Phuket, Thailand, the last event in the Olympic qualification process for the under 59 kg class. She still sent a strong message by winning the bronze medal and weighing 236 kg. A Canadian record in the category which also happens to be the new Pan-American brand.

The Quebecer, unofficially qualified for Paris, was to take part in this obligatory event for athletes who wish to participate in the Olympic Games. It has thus continued its progress in recent months. Since missing the World Championships due to a knee injury, Maude Charron’s performances have continued to improve internationally.

She had scored two personal bests at the Doha Grand Prix in December, and this time, she improved this result by 3 kg in total, i.e. 2 kg in the snatch and 1 kg in the clean and jerk.

“I just wanted to do justice to the great preparation I had. We came here to do big bars and, if possible, climb the Olympic rankings,” shared Maude Charron.

“Everyone has sores,” she mentioned a little later, speaking of weightlifters aiming for a place in Paris. The Rimouski athlete is no exception and she continues to treat her knee every week. The idea of ​​entering a weightlifting competition at 100% seems unrealistic to her, but she believes she is in her best form since the start of the qualification process.

“I am satisfied with that aspect. It just confirms that the decisions made like the change of category, the chosen coach and the new nutritionist with whom I have been working since the Pan American Games were the right ones. »

On Wednesday, the Pan American Games silver medalist first succeeded in her three snatch attempts, including a 106 kg bar which she successfully lifted, to her great surprise, during her third pass on the platform . She only missed one load during the competition, her second attempt at the clean and jerk, which was 129 kg Charron, who had been perfect in competition since March 2023, managed to recover to conclude her day at 130 kg.

“A test at 130 kg gave me 2 or 3 minutes of break and time to recover. It’s a nice bar, but I knew I had it in me. More than the 106 kg (snatch), which surprised me more! » she admitted.

China’s Luo Shifang, the reigning world champion, totaled 248 kg and won gold, while North Korea’s Kim Il Gyong received the silver medal (240 kg).

These are also the three medalists of the day who form the top 3 of the world ranking in the category. They also met on the podium of the Grand Prix in Qatar in December. That said, North Korea will not be able to be represented in Paris, since its athletes missed mandatory competitions in the Olympic qualification process.

“It’s far away, August”

Maude Charron was already well positioned in the world rankings and did not have to worry too much about her Olympic qualification. Other competitors wanted to take advantage of their last chance in Thailand to improve their ranking.

“It was expected that many athletes would try bars that were too heavy to enter the top 10 (and qualify for Paris). This means that our warm-ups are long and we don’t know how long we will wait before doing the next test. I think I waited 15 minutes after the first snatch attempt. (…) The strategy can always change and we must adapt according to the situation,” underlined Charron, Olympic champion in the 64 kg category at the Tokyo Games in 2021.

His eyes are now fixed on the Paris Olympic Games. “It’s a long way off, August! » indicated Charron, who will be going to the Canadian Championships in May, in order to “do a little social” and continue his preparation.

Quebecer Rosalie Dumas will be in action next Tuesday in the under 81 kg category at the Phuket World Cup. On the men’s side, Nicolas Vachon (-73 kg), Samuel Guertin (-81 kg) and Alex Bellemarre (-89 kg) will also be ones to watch in the coming days.

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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