The Mexican peso was appreciated this Wednesday for the fourth day in a row, waiting for the statements of the president of the Federal Reserve of the United States (Fed) in the Senate and the monetary policy decision of the Bank of Mexico scheduled for tomorrow Thursday.

The peso was trading at 20.0746 units per dollar, with a gain of 0.20% against the Reuters reference price on Tuesday.

For the rest of the day, the exchange rate could fluctuate between 20.00 and 20.25 pesos per greenback, according to estimates from Ci Bank.

The Mexican peso remains stable, in anticipation of the announcement of Banxico’s monetary policy scheduled for Thursday, where an increase of 75 base points in the interest rate is expected, said Core Bank.

The Aztec currency is the fourth most appreciated after the Russian ruble, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc, he added.

Meanwhile, the behavior of the dollar index against the rest of the currencies will be marked by the appearance of the president of the Fed, Jerome Powellon the institution’s strategy to mitigate inflationary pressures in the United States, noted Monex.


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