Wednesday’s letters: Timing of traffic court reversal self-serving

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I’m pretty sure this reversal of a bad and widely disliked piece of legislation at this point in time has nothing to do with a leadership vote. Because that would clearly be so obviously self-serving as to be avoided at all costs. Wouldn’t it?

Ken Cantor, Edmonton

Flames COVID lawsuit a bad idea

Seriously? The whole world has had serious losses due to COVID. Why are the Flames so special? We were very lucky with this pandemic. The Spanish Flu had between 50 million to 100 million deaths (Wikipedia) in two to three years. The is stating we are at approximately six million deaths so far with this pandemic probably because we were able to develop and implement a vaccine program worldwide.

I don’t think the Flames have really and truly thought this through. If their case goes through court and they win, then that opens it up for many many other enterprises to do go down the same path and join the insurance gravy train. The more costly awards made on this type of claim and insurance premiums are going to skyrocket, or in the worse case scenario, perhaps arenas will no longer be able to get insurance coverage.

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I know everyone is hurting business-wise regarding COVID; I’m just not sure that suing insurance companies is the way to recover one’s losses.

Sharon Flemming, Edmonton

COVID chart misses the mark

I’ve been boggled for the last two years by the graph that the Edmonton Journal has published almost daily that shows “COVID-19 cases in Alberta by age group and gender.”

What I would hope to interpret from such a graph is the relative impact of COVID-19 on the different age and sex groups. However, that is not possible without knowing the total number of people in each group — the all-too prevalent lack of denominator problem. Plotting the proportion of cases for each group, and the total number, would be more informative.

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Jan O. Murie, Edmonton

Russia could force end of sanctions

If Russia takes over Ukraine, they will likely take the Ukrainian president as hostage and force the western countries to lift all sanctions before they release him. The sanctions will be useless.

Victoria T. Trenchard, Edmonton

West tolerating mayhem in Ukraine

What is the tolerance of the western world for watching people, hospitals, daycares, schools and kindergartens being blown up? All to satisfy a Russian lunatic who appears to be suffering from delusions and being mentally unstable.

On top of this the Security Council, United Nations, NATO and the European Union, along with western governments, are calcified. I guess 10 years of Russia doing the same thing from the air in Syria was not enough to get a reaction from anyone so we can create the mayhem all over again.

Ralph Williams, Edmonton

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