Weather in Catalonia: after DANA, watch out for the wind

Catalonia this will say goodbye Thursday, November 25, of the storm caused by the DANA, the storm whose center is now over the Catalan territory. The rains, some with electrical equipment and hail, have continued intermittently during the early hours of the morning and will remain for much of the morning. With the passing of the hours and little by little, the DANA will have withdrawn to give way to a colder and windy environment. For Saturday, Civil Protection has activated the pre-alert for strong winds in several Catalan regions.

One of the places where hailstorm has been at Barcelona airport, one of whose tracks has been inoperative for an hour, which has caused delays and cancellations.

The hail episode has occurred approximately between 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. and it is complicating the activity at the Catalan airport, although the operators are working to remove the hail from the runways and normality is expected to return in a short time, according to sources at the aerodrome reported to Efe.

The the most affected track is that of the sea, which has been completely inoperative about 40 minutes, and the forecast is that it begins to work progressively as the accumulation of hail is removed.

The other two tracks have also been affected, although to a lesser extent, by the hail episode that has occurred throughout the Baix Llobregat region.

The hail that has fallen is being removed mechanically as the use of salt is not useful in this case, so the cleaning operation takes longer. The same sources have pointed out that there are less than half a dozen planes that were supposed to land in El Prat and that they have had to deviate to land at other airports.

According to the FlightRadar platform, around 60 flights have suffered delays ranging from 30 minutes to more than an hour. Aena expects to return to full activity at noon, reports ACN.

Showers are expected in the eastern regions, in the northern regions and in the rest of the coast and central pre-coast. In the rest, they will be very isolated. Starting in the afternoon, the rain will be restricted to the north of the Pyrenees and to the northeastern Catalan regions. The snow level will drop to 1,200 meters, even lower in the Port massif.

The minimum temperature will be a little lower (it will reach -2º in the Pyrenees), and the maximums will oscillate between 14 and 17.

There will be strong gusty winds off the coast. The tramuntana will be strong from the afternoon in the Empordà.

A warning is in force for poor sea conditions.

Friday, November 26

The cloud cover will withdraw at dawn. The morning will be sunny or with very few clouds.

A little rain is expected on the north side of the Pyrenees, until noon. The snow level will drop to 800 meters.

The minimum temperature will be lower. The wind may increase the feeling of cold on the Costa Brava and Terres de l’Ebre.

On the weekend, sun, cold and wind. It is precisely for this reason that the Generalitat has activated the pre-alert for wind in several Catalan regions for Saturday morning. Gusts exceeding 70 km / h are expected.

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